Sea Kayaking with Killer Whales Johnstone Strait British Columbia

Sea kayaking with Orcas, Killer Whales in Johnstone Strait, British Columbia. Canoeing and kayaking in Ontario, Canada.

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Adventure Travel Writer Don Mankin
"... it blew my mind ..."
Award winning Adventure travel writer and author Don Mankin talks about our kayaking trip - Orca Expedition in Johnstone Strait.

Kayaking with Orcas in Johnstone Strait

World Class Whale Watching Experience

From sea kayaking with Orcas in Johnstone Strait, Britsh Columbia to canoeing freshwater wilderness parks on Vancouver Island - we have an incredinible adventure planned for you.

Kayaking with Orca Whales and Humpback Whales

Sea kayak with Orcas - Expedition, Johnstone Strait

Kayak with Orcas 5 Day EXPEDITION
Sea Kayaking with Orcas & Humpbacks

Area: Johnstone Strait, BC

Experience wild Killer Whales, Humpback whales and wilderness by sea kayak. Ultimate kayak camping trips in Johnstone Strait.

Orca Kayaking Trips - Killer Whales, JOhnstone Strait

Pure Orca Adventure 4 Day
Johnstone Strait, British Columbia

4 Days| From $995 CAD
Area: Johnstone Strait, BC


Four days of sea kayaking in the worlds BEST area for Orca Whales. Northern Resident Killer Whales summer feeding area.

Sea Kayaking Desolation Sound, British Columbia

Sea Kayaking Trip Desolation Sound

Sea Kayaking 5 Day
Desolation Sound, British Columbia

5 Days| $895 CAD
Area: Desolation Sound Park


Desolation Sound has mountains, channels and islands and is a paddling paradise. Camp under stars and experience one of Earth's special places.

Kayak Camping Discovery Islands, British Columbia

Sea Kayaking Discovery Islands

Sea Kayaking 4 Day
Discovery Islands, British Columbia

4 Days| $695 CAD
Area: Discovery Islands

Narrow channels, islands and islets - a sea kayaker's dream area. Filled with exploration, fun and culture this amazing trip is a must-do.

Canoe Lessons / Kayak Instruction

Kayak instruction Vancouver Island and Ontario Canada

Canoe & Kayak Lessons
British Columbia, Canada

1 Days| Starting @ $189 CAD
Area: Vancouver Island

Learn how to paddle a canoe or kayak properly from the experts. For woman and men. Marking 19 years of paddling experience we will help you learn the basic quickly and efficiently

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