Sea Kayaking with Killer Whales Johnstone Strait British Columbia

Sea kayaking with Orcas, Killer Whales in Johnstone Strait, British Columbia. Canoeing and kayaking in Ontario, Canada.

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Johnstone Strait, Sea Kayaking & Killer Whales

All-inclusive multi-day kayak camping trip in British Columbia's Killer Whale & Humpback Whale mecca

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Orca Sea Kayaking Expedition 5 DAY
  • Activity: Whale watching by sea kayak
  • Trip Length: 5 days
  • Area: Johnstone Strait, British Columbia
  • Date Range: July-September (Inclusive)
  • Age Restrictions: Contact us under 14
  • Physical Demands: Low - Moderate
    Experience Required: None

Orca Expedition Details

Experience one of the most talked about, personal adventures in the world - sea kayaking with Killer Whales in British Columbia.

Explore by sea kayak the incredible and remote home of wild Orca and Humpback whales in British Columbia. Paddle your sea kayak through passages, between islands and islets, camping under the stars on an authentic nomadic journey of discovery. Enjoying and learning about this remote and wild coastline. Hike through a temperate rainforest as we make our way up to a remote whale research outpost high above Johnstone Straight.

You will enjoy incredible food that Out For Adventure has become famous for and visit many special places.

Killer Whale Kayaking Trip

Trip Highlights

  • Experience sea kayaking in the realm of Killer Whales, (Orcas) & Humpbacks in Johnstone Strait.
  • Highest chance of seeing Orcas from kayaks in this area. Highest success rate possible!
  • Visit the border, view & learn about the Robson Bight Ecological Reserve.
  • Kayaking in Blackney Passage
  • Kayaking camp to camp - exploration by sea kayak through the centre of whale territory
  • Visit remote whale research outpost
  • Walk through a temperate rainforest
  • Incredible area for many animal sightings both land and ocean
  • All inclusive, world renowned, fully guided, outfitted and catered whale watching sea kayaking adventure.

Sample Itinerary

Day 0
Arrive in Telegragh Cove, British Columbia

Arrive at your leisure and enjoy the board walk, a meal and have a good sleep to be ready in he morning.

Day 1
Entering the realm of the Killer Whale

Meet your guides in Telegragh Cove.

Our early departure allows us to enjoy the benefits of getting on the water early. After packing, safety briefing and instruction we leave the launch point in our sea kayaks and make our way into the wilderness heading for our first camp site. We can see whales at anytime through out the trip.Sea Kayaking with Killer Whales Group

Day 2
Crossing the strait, deeper into the wilderness

Hearty and delicious am breakfast and we cross the famous Johnstone Strait. We often encounter whales, sea lions, white sided dolphins, porpoises and more.

We eat lunch on small remote beaches, camping in wonderful locations, star gazing on clear nights, camp fires, natural interp talks and an early morning and evening paddle for those that choose to participate.Humpback Whale Dives

Day 3
Native interp in the wild, remote research outpost

Early morning paddle in the mist. Interp talk with native guide, then short hike to remote whale research outpost. Talk with researchers, observe, photograph view across Johnstone Strait - into Robson Bight. Sea kayaking through Baronet passage to Broughton Archipelago. Humpbacks common on this route, sea lions and many birds.

Evening paddle circumnavigates nearby island. Beach side dinner. Great campsites, evening campfire.

Day 4
The sea kayak proves it is perfect for travel here

Killer Whale BreachExplore narrow passages by sea kayak, experience the intertidal zone by navigating shallow waters in search of sea creatures.
Cross into Blackfish Sound exploring and whale watching.

Learn about Orca lab on Hanson Island and return to camp for scrumptious meal, conversation, evening camp fire and stories.

Day 5
Water fall, Robson Bight Whale Reserve, Whale Museum

Killer Whale Jumps for us!Visit remote beach with short hike to waterfall. Visit the Robson Bight Ecological Reserve. Explore coastline, whale watching and great paddling.

Arrive in Port McNeill around 5:00 or 6:00 pm. Chance to dine with guides and new friends.

Gallery - sea kayaking killer whales Johnstone Strait

Depart for home or continue your trip with the satisfaction that you have experienced an incredible adventure that changes the way we look at our planet.

This is a sample itinerary for this sea kayaking & Killer Whales Expedition. Remember, itineraries are for insight and are subject to change.
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