6 Best Canopy Chairs For Camping In 2021

best canopy chair

For your outdoor escapades in the wilderness, you cannot carry all your furniture with you. The standard plastic chair might pose an inconvenience. In case you are a camping enthusiast and wish to acquire a compact chair that provides comfort and relaxation, canopy chairs are the best alternative for you.

Canopy chairs are an improvement to the existing camping chairs. The addition consists of a protective canopy or cover at the top of the chair that safeguards you from direct sunlight and rain. You can even adjust the canopy as per your requirement and fold it back with complete ease.

Hence, they can also be used as ordinary chairs. They come in different styles, colors, and materials. An ideal canopy chair has a quad-style frame and a long canopy at the top made from high-quality vinyl.

If you wish to get a canopy chair for camping up in the hills, you must look for a lightweight and waterproof canopy chair. This way, the rain will not make you wet because of the canopy’s protective covering.

On the other hand, if you want the canopy chair for sunny outdoors or beach, then a comfort-oriented, heat shielding chair is the best fit for you.

You will find chairs that are best for variable locations, height and weight types, comfort, and convenience.

Through detailed analysis and comparison, we have listed down the best canopy chairs. They are readily available in the market. The competition is undoubtedly high in the market, but thorough research has made it possible to narrow down the list to the selected few.

These selected chairs pass through all the generic parameters established by us to determine which chair is the best.

Let’s delve into the detailed review of these outstanding and distinctive canopy chairs for you and your loved ones.

ALPHA CAMP – Canopy Camp Chairs with Recliner Support


If your search requirement is to find the perfect canopy chair for long-duration seating, the ALPHA CAMP Canopy Chair is the best one to go for. The chair is exceptionally comfortable for long-duration seating after long trekking into the wild.


The canopy chair from ALPHA is designed to enjoy the cool summer breeze without the scorching sun rays. You will get adequate sun protection with the canopy up to 50+ UPF.

The chair has strong steel rods at the base that creates a sturdy design for long-duration use. It has extra plastic support for more improvement in stability and comfort overall.

You will have a comfortable armrest and two cup holders in this canopy chair – one holds a standard cup size while the larger cup size can grip a 32-ounce drink.

The weight and height should not be an issue as the chair is too sturdy with a bigger weight carrying capacity. Besides that, you also get a recliner to relax tension in your back muscles. You can enjoy a drink outdoor any time; lay your back without a single worry with this amazing outdoor canopy chair.

You can fold the device anytime and carry it easily to other places. When in open condition, the chair size extends to 36.6” x 23.6” x 53.1”. It weighs only 14 lbs that are relatively light to carry from one location to another.

The size is huge for a 6 feet person to sit and relax. The weight carrying capacity extends up to 350 lbs and more. The chair works completely fine for a person weighing a few pounds more than the maximum capacity.

However, the heavy-duty steel-grade material promises safety with an anti-rust coating made of hammer tone powder.


  • It takes mostly a minute to set up
  • It comes with a back recliner
  • Very sturdy design
  • It has two cup holders
  • The chair is foldable


  • Nothing worth mentioning

Sport-Brella 3-Position Recliner Chair with Removable Umbrella and Footrest


Frankly speaking, this canopy chair can give you the maximum comfort to relax in the sun. You can take a nap with your feet up, lay back and relax anytime and anywhere you wish. The chair is relatively lightweight, with a moderate weight-carrying capacity of 250 pounds.


The chair has distinctive features, as you see from the name itself. So, let’s begin from the top of the chair.

The design begins with a slanting shape that resembles an umbrella from the side angle. It is removable. That’s a great advantage because, during the winter, you can still take the chair out and enjoy the sun without the shade.

You can adjust the umbrella entirely as it works in a 3-way pivot. It allows UPF 50+ sun protection with a metallic undercoat. It prevents the heat from trapping so that it does not reach your head while resting.

Coming gradually to the chair portion, here you have a footrest that is also adjustable.

Interestingly, the chair is a recliner chair with a backrest. The exciting part is you can adjust the backrest in three different positions according to how you want to sleep in it. With so many features, we can easily say it is the best canopy chair to have on your list of outdoor chairs.

We still have not ended listing the features. You get a cooler along with the chair to fan out the heat around you. Zipper Storage pockets along with a cup holder are additional features that add to your comfort.

The chair is not at all over pricey. The makers kept the pricing quite affordable even with the long list of features that comes along.


  • Removable umbrella with strong 3-way pivot
  • A recliner chair with customizable angles
  • Zipper storage pockets with moderate capacity
  • Armrest with cup holders
  • All at a very affordable price


  • There is only one cup holder at the armrest

GCI Outdoor Collapsible Canopy Style Rocking Chair 


GCI is a brand name known for making a difference among other brands to work in canopy chairs. They are experts in creating the best type of outdoor chairs. The name GCI is the abbreviation for Great Chair Innovations.

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Following the (W x D x H) rule, the chair dimensions are 30 x 40.6 x 50.8 inches. The makers declare the maximum weight carrying capacity of the 13.2 lbs chair to be 250 pounds.


We are making the list of the best canopy chairs for the canopy, of course. Another un-ignorable factor in making a list is to bring the best option to your reach.

So, the canopy of this chair is rotatable. That means you can rotate the big-sized head shade forward and backward but cannot remove it entirely. In case you don’t want to use it, you can keep it on the backside and enjoy the sun.

The chair is a rocking chair which is also a unique feature from GCI for a canopy chair. The robust Spring action rocking technology of the chair sits on any surface.

Besides all, the chair folds into a portable size that fits perfectly inside any massive carry bag.


  • It is a rocking chair
  • The umbrella-like sunshade can move forward and backward
  • The chair comes with a lifetime warranty


  • The canopy sunshade is not entirely removable
  • It does not have a footrest or armrest

GoPlus Folding Canopy Chair 


A straightforward outlook canopy chair that does not compromise on your comfort or cuts your pocket to just a few pennies – that is how we define this chair piece. If you have a 37.5 x 8 x 7 inches carry bag, this bag will easily get in without any single trouble.

The chair is capable of carrying 265 pounds, with a self-weight of 5.9 kg.


The design of the Goplus Folding Canopy Chair is simple but sturdy. It can carry decent weight even with the simple approach in designing.

The canopy you get in this is neither adjustable nor removable. The convenient thing you can do is fold it to the back when you don’t want to use it. The design will spare you from frequent shade adjustment with the weather. The canopy, when folded, locks instantly to make sure it does not hang loose at the back.

The chair does not compromise your comfort. The armrest has some thin padding with two cup holders, one at each side of the rest.

So, seeing all the features and facilities, we can say that the chair is perfect for elderly people with not too many features that need additional understanding. As we mentioned earlier, it is straightforward and comforting at the same time!


  • Very simple to use
  • Soft armrests for comfortable support
  • It has two cup holders total on two sides
  • Hassle-free canopy with an instant lock


  • It would be better if the chair had a recliner feature.

Quik Shade Outdoor Canopy Chair with Recliner


Like the other chairs in the market, this Outdoor Canopy Chair can hold a weight of around 200 pounds. To be more accurate, it typically holds 225 lbs and itself weighs 5.2 kgs.


This Outdoor Canopy Chair is the best for beach outings because everything about this chair is the perfect match made for a beach. As we all imagine a beach chair to be, it has a very high backrest and a cushion as a headrest. You can adjust the backrest and lay your neck back on the cushion for superior comfort.

You get a less complicated design for the legs that land perfectly on any soft ground. It has bars made from special anti-slip technology. Other than that, you get solid armrests that hold you firmly with a steel frame.

The chair is a recliner chair with three different positionings. You also get an adjustable canopy that angles perfectly to the position you want.

Unlike other chairs in the market, this one has a low height from the ground. It is only 11 inches which are perfect to have the beach sand as a footrest.


  • It has a very high backrest
  • The headrest comes separately with a soft cushion along with the backrest
  • The legs are strong
  • Solid armrests
  • It has an adjustable canopy shade
  • The recliner can be turned into three different positions
  • Very comfortable purchase


  • There are high chances of the steel frame heating up after long-duration use on the beach

Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair with Bug Guard


With dimensions 34.25 x 37.5 x 51 inches and a weight capacity of 250 pounds, the Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair brings a unique feature to the market. If you are searching for a canopy chair to sit in amidst a moonlit forest, here you go with the best option.


The canopy chair’s bug guard is sewn with the canopy, making it the most convenient design for a canopy chair with a bug guard. Imagine if the guard was removable? You would end up having allergies while fixing it to the surface of the canopy.

So, to use the bug guard, you have to do nothing out of the box. Simply roll it up and fix it with the canopy when you are not using the tool. The guard is quite fast to deploy as well. All you require to do is untie the secure from the canopy, so it falls back to its unfolded state.

The bug guard has a zip lock closure at the front, which means you can come in and go out without any unwanted trouble. Besides that, you have armrests with a cup holder on one side.

However, the canopy offers 50+ UPF protection from the sun, making it perfect for a summer camp chair. The canopy has a unique structure that unfolds as a carry bag to take in the entire Outdoor Canopy Chair. The strong buckles in the canopy give additional grip to hold everything together in one place!


  • The outdoor chair is one of a kind, with unique features
  • It has a bug guard that is hassle-free to use
  • The canopy adds up as a bag for carrying the entire set up
  • The strong buckles at the canopy provide extra support while packing
  • The bug guard has a front zip lock for easy access
  • Decent weight capacity
  • Ultimate outdoor chair with superior protection
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  • The only drawback is the storage bags at the base of the chair.
  • Bugs might get inside the bug shield in between refilling the drink if you are not careful.

Summing Up

We trialed six options for the best canopy chairs that are available today. We declare Sport-Brella 3-Position Recliner Chair with Removable Umbrella and Footrest is the best one for its versatile features in a complete package.

We love outdoor trips, and we motivate people to spend quality time with their close ones under the naked sky. We got the experience and we know how good it feels after a relaxing trip with the right outdoor chair. It is essential to find the right canopy chair before starting your car for the right destination.

Sitting in a calm place and reliving nature with gratitude is the perfect mind fresher. It has an independent vibe whether you spend time with your family, friends or take yourself out on a date. Canopy chairs are highly crucial to make everything comfortable.

We have our #1 choice, the Sport-Brella 3-Position Recliner Chair with Removable Umbrella and Footrest, with its footrest, backrest, removable canopy shed, and all the comforts that your outdoor visit deserves.

As you precede a little deep into the write-up, you will understand canopy chairs closely and better. Once the read is over, you will have the right knowledge to select the right canopy chair with closed eyes.

Canopy Chairs | Benefits

Canopy chairs have a wide array of benefits that makes them popular among users. Here is all you need to know about those impressive benefits.

Much Needed Shelter

Canopy chairs provide you with much-needed shelter from the elements. You can operate the canopy chair without much effort.

They come in handy for prolonged sitting. You will not have to worry about the harmful UV rays or rain. Further, the canopy provides a cool haven from the glaring sun, which is highly advantageous.


Canopy chairs also promote better health. In the outdoors, you will come across nasty bugs and insects that can be dangerous for your health. Some canopy chairs come with guard nets that keep away bugs and mosquitoes.

This feature enables you to sit by and enjoy the environment without any worry. You no longer become prone to infections and viruses that insects can cause you, thanks to the canopy chair.


Another benefit is that these chairs are safe for children’s use. You can make them sit on it and draw down the canopy with the guard net to protect them from insects.

The chair is highly comfortable to use, which adds up to its benefit. You can easily go about your work and let your child enjoy the chair’s comfort and safety.


It is travel-friendly and camping-friendly. You can take them anywhere you want. A detailed understanding of this has been given below as well.

They are used specifically for their compact design and easy to use. You can fold it up and plop it in your trunk. It does not even take up much space!

Canopy Chairs | Features

These chairs also come with great features. You can adjust the canopy to complete half or push it back if not needed. It even comes with utility features that add to its convenience.

These chairs add luxury to your outdoor adventures and make you relaxed as if you were at home. You no longer have to rush into the confining tent all the time.

You can enjoy your peace while sitting on them with an impressive roof of a canopy.

Now that you have become aware of the benefits, you can easily understand the popularity and demand for these chairs. It builds a small comfort zone for you. You can sit on this chair and view the sunset by the mountain as the clouds drizzle and bask in the glory of nature.

This chair will be your constant companion for all adventurous trips. You will never regret your decision to purchase the canopy chair.

Canopy Chairs | Buying Guide

No doubt, finding an ideal canopy chair among the tons of options available in the market can be difficult. You can easily get confused as you browse through multiple companies, materials, styles, and whatnot.

Hence, good homework and analysis can help you make the right decision without any hesitation. Before you purchase a canopy chair, go through these parameters to aid you in your decision.

The buying guide has been formulated to instill all the information you require before purchasing the chair.


In the end, for every purchase we make, durability is of utmost importance. Nobody wants their good to crumble way before they have used it to their heart’s content. Even when it comes to canopy chairs, an everyday camping necessity, durability drives the consumer demand.

Nobody likes to fall off their chair when they least expect it. For analyzing the durability of the chair, observe the chair’s mainframe and cloth quality.

Make sure that the chair is made from good quality steel. In a good chair, all the weight will be well distributed. If the chair is rickety and its balance is slightly off, then you must reconsider your decision.

Canopy chairs are used in beach areas as well. Hence, if the manufacturers provide you with a frame with anti-rust properties, it promotes better durability.

In canopy chairs, the hinges and joints are key elements that can affect its sturdiness. You must also ensure that the joints are in place and that the canopy stretches out without much effort.

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Sturdy and durable chairs are necessary camping equipment. Without durability, your chairs cannot give the best comfort and experience you look forward to.


The material of the canopy chair is also an important parameter to consider before purchasing it. The cloth that is used on the chair must be high quality. High-quality material will ensure comfort as well as durability.

Make sure that the cloth material is made from good quality polyester. Polyester is sturdy and does not wear out easily. Also, for the canopy, the material should be opaque. It should prevent the UV rays from trespassing.

Best canopy chairs will use vinyl or polyester for the top. Ensure that the canopy top does not have a dark color since they absorb more heat. Dark-colored canopies, though hide dirt stains, but they fail to carry out the very purpose they were purchased to do, to keep out the heat.

Another way to check the cloth quality is by looking at its density and thickness. Thicker the material, more comfortable, and sturdier your chair will be.

Further, you must purchase a chair which has waterproof material. Waterproof material gives an added convenience to the user.

You will not have to worry about water stains and can use the canopy chair during rain. Waterproof chairs come in handy during camping trips. You can use them to enjoy the weather without any threat of you or your chair getting wet.


You cannot take your canopy chair for camping or a beach party if it is not portable. Portability is an essential feature for all outdoor pieces of equipment. Sometimes, you cannot fit everything in your car’s trunk.

A portable chair will fold up and easily fit in any corner. You can take it anywhere you want and store it in your house without any hassle. Good canopy chairs will come with a carry case with handles. This feature aids in portability immensely.

When packed down, if the chair package is not small, this would suggest that the chair might not be the best. Though portability is a necessity yet, this does not mean that you must forgo comfort. Too small and portable chairs might not even fit you right.

Therefore, the size and the dimensions of the chair must not be compromised for portability as well.

The best canopy chairs in the market are well-padded and comfortable and come with outstanding portability.

Portable canopy chairs are excellent outdoor companions. Compact ones allow better packing space and convenience. Hence, before you purchase any chair, go through its reviews carefully.

If the users suggest that the chair is a portable solution, you can trust it and purchase it.

Weight and Weight Capacity

An ideal canopy chair must be lightweight to ensure better portability. However, the lightweight must not hinder it from having a liberal weight capacity.

You cannot carry around a heavy canopy chair up a mountain or anywhere else you want. That right there will cause you a hideous backache. Not a good start for the trip, right?

An ideal weight range for the chair is 1 to 2 pounds. The weight difference depends on the material used and the weight capacity it can hold up.

If you are using a car, then a heavy chair can work too. Luxurious and more comfort-oriented chairs weigh around 5 pounds. If you are not planning to walk long distances carrying the chair, you can choose the luxurious ones.

When it comes to weight capacity, make sure that the chair can hold heavy weight easily. The weight capacity can range between 225 and 500 pounds. You can also purchase an XL canopy chair to hold up extra weight or stuff easily.

Purchasing a chair with ideal weight capacity will also ensure its durability. If you place extra weight on a chair that is inept at handling it, your chair might break. Hence, you must religiously check and compare chairs’ weight capacity before buying the perfect one for you.

Extra Features

Another factor that can aid you in the purchase is extra features. Manufacturers in competition add additional features to make their product distinctive.

Extra features can include:

  • Detachable footrests
  • Wheels
  • Padded headrest
  • Bottle or glass holder
  • Storage pockets
  • Padded armrests
  • Canopies with ground length nets

If you cannot decide between chairs available in the same price range, you must look for these extra features totures ensure immense comfort and convenience. They are enough to persuade you to increase your budget.

However, it must be understood that extra features always equal extra weight. If you plan on taking the chair and you for a hike, you will need a lighter one. In that case, a chair endowed with extra features will not be a wise option.

Always compare the features in the chairs and analyze if these features have any benefit for you. There is no point in buying a chair and paying for its exorbitant cost for the features you might not use.


The last parameter is the price of the chair. With or without any extra feature or comfort, the chair you purchase must abide by your budget. It is not necessary that you must pay a high price to get a good quality chair.

Some of the best quality chairs are incredibly affordable. If you have found a chair that meets your preferences and comes under your budget, you must procure it before it is too late.

Further, do not be too strict with your budget. You might get the opportunity to purchase a good-quality canopy chair with mind-blowing features under offer.

If the chair withstands all these parameters, you can blindly purchase it. You can look for other parameters before the purchase, such as height, style, location specification, etc.

Hope this guide has helped you in some way to pick the best canopy chair for your needs.

Stay safe out there!

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