Best Fishing Headlamps – A Guide to Buying Fishing Lights For Night Fishing

Best Fishing Headlamps

Whether you are an early morning angler or like fishing late into the night, a fishing headlamp can be a useful tool.

While headlamps are quite commonplace, not all of them are suited for fishing.

If you hope to find one that is appropriate for you and the conditions you will be fishing in, follow these guidelines.

While We were compiling this list of the best fishing headlamps, We looked at products that provided adequate illumination, were comfortable, and that worked well in wet conditions.

Best Fishing Headlamps

For brevity, here are the results of our extensive research:

How to Buy The Best Headlamps For Night Fishing

best fishing headlamps
The Brightest LED Headlamp 6000 Lumen flashlight from MsForce

Here are some of the features that you should look for when looking for a fishing headlamp:

The Brightness

The brightness of a headlamp or any bulb is measured in lumens.

Therefore, the greater the number of lumens, the more powerful the bulb is.

Most anglers look for the brightest option available to them, which are usually bulbs upwards of 2000 lumens.

When deciding on the brightness, however, it is best to consider what your usual fishing spots are.

If the areas that you fish tend to be quite dark, then a higher power is warranted.

If there is a lot of moonlight or it is a relatively well-lit area, the less powerful lights will be more than enough.

White and Red Light

red white fishing headlampCertain headlamps give you the option of white light and red light.

It is important to note that in terms of luring in fish, the red light doesn’t have much of an effect as it doesn’t penetrate the water well.

However, red light allows our eyes to adjust to the dark much better than white light.

Therefore, if you are using a lamp that has both red and bright lights, you should use them for specific situations.

White light, for instance, is better at illuminating the water at greater depths.


Most headlamps will let you choose from two or more modes.

These will vary depending on the manufacturer.

The modes typically are a feature that allows you to customize the brightness of the beam as well as the type.

For instance, you may be able to opt between high, low, and perhaps flashing lights in an emergency situation.

Some headlamps also have zoom features.

When you zoom in, you are creating a narrow beam of light that helps with focusing on a particular spot.

Zooming out creates a larger field of vision.

Water Resistance

A great many headlamp manufacturers claim that their headlamps are waterproof.

In most instances, however, the lights are merely water-resistant but not waterproof.

This means that the lamps are able to withstand a light spray of water but cannot be submerged.

The best way to discover the level of water resistance of the lamp is to look at the IPX rating.

This will let you know precisely what your lamp can and cannot withstand.

Battery Life

Headlamps tend to use either regular batteries or ones that can be recharged.

More often than not, how long a battery will last will depend not just on how much you use it but what setting you are using it on.

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For instance, if you tend to use the lamp on the brightest mode possible, you are going to run out of power sooner.

This is why you should judge the capacity of a battery by how long it can last when used in the brightest mode.


Comfort is an important factor when it comes to headlamps.

After all, if it is uncomfortable, you will not wear it.

The level of comfort can depend on a couple of factors.

First, it is the material that is used. The softer the elastic band is, the better it feels against your skin.

Also, just how adjustable the band is will also determine whether or not it will stay on your head.

Most people aren’t used to weights been placed on their head. This is why you should look for a headlamp that is lightweight.

This way, it will not keep slipping down your face.

If the headlamp is slightly heavier, look for ones that have battery packs at the back that will balance this weight out.

It will be up to you to determine if you want one that only has straps around the side of your head or if you want the more secure t-straps.

Best Fishing Headlamps Review

The headlamps featured in this article are powerful lights with a long battery life and easy to use features. They have satisfied the tests of a good fishing headlamps above.

Here is a review of the best options on the market at a glance:

Luxolite LED Headlamp

LED Headlamp Flashlight with Red Led Light - Head Lamps...
  • 🌅 BOOST YOUR VISIBILITY : Strongest and Xtreme Bright headlamp to enjoy outdoor sports safely...
  • 👌 EASY TO USE : 2 separate push buttons to select white or red light. Instantly set the...
  • ➳ LIGHTWEIGHT : Only 3 oz weight. Stays put with soft elastic headband. Adjustable head mount...
  • 🌊 DURABLE WATERPROOF : IPX6 prove head torch enclosure. Sturdy outdoor gears for the best in...
  • 👍 PIVOT THE ANGLE OF THE LIGHT WITH EASE - Adjust the Beam Angle up to 70 degrees down for...
The Luxolite LED headlamp gives you two light color options – red and white.

White light is great for seeing through the water and on occasion, even luring some fish in.

Red light, on the other hand, allows your eyes to adjust to the darkness a lot better.

Each light is controlled by an easy to reach button on top of the headlamp.

The white light has four modes that you can choose from while the red light has two.

You simply have to press the button to scroll through the various modes.

There is even an SOS light option for safety purposes.

The beam angle can be easily tilted down or up in five separate positions to better see the path in front of you.

The headlamp has an IPX6 rating which means that it can withstand the spray of water and is completely resistant to dust.

It should also be able to remain intact if dropped from a distance of five feet or less.

In fact, this headlamp is so durable that the company actually offers a lifetime guarantee with it.

The Luxolite lamp is great for people who want a more comfortable option as there is just an adjustable elastic band securing it to your head.

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As it is quite lightweight, the lamp stays put instead of slipping down.

The Luxolite lamp uses AAA batteries and can last for hours with fresh batteries.


  • Max brightness 168 lumens
  • White and Red Light
  • Light and Brightness modes
  • Water resistant

Vitchelo V800 Headlamp

VITCHELO Black Headlamp Flashlight - Red Safety Light -...
  • The VITCHELO V800 headlamp flashlight is SUPER BRIGHT, you can see up to 360 ft (110m), and unlike...
  • COMPACT, COMFORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT head light for your head. The elastic headband strap is soft,...
  • LONGER BATTERY LIFE & WATERPROOF - Because we use leading CREE technology, you get more light with...
  • A BIG HELP WHEN THINGS GO WRONG - Considering the possibility of being caught out after dark in the...
  • TRY IT FOR 60 DAYS - Your flashlight headlamp is covered by our LIFETIME limited WARRANTY and...
The Vitchelo V800 headlamp is a good option for those who need a multipurpose light.

This lamp helps to illuminate a path of about 110 meters ahead of you which is excellent for those who need to walk to get to their fishing spot.

In addition to the white light, the Vitchelo lamp also has a red light which allows you to preserve your night vision.

This is a user-friendly lamp with just two buttons to operate all of the options available with the headlamp.

Each of the lights has their own modes as well as brightness options.

There is also a flashing emergency light.

The lamp can rotate at an angle of 45° both upwards and downwards.

This Vitchelo headlamp relies on AAA battery which should last you several days if used on the lowest setting.

The headlamp is not waterproof but has received an IPX6 rating, which does provide some resistance to water. It is also resistant to dust.

The light only has an adjustable elastic band which is secure yet comfortable.

The V800 weighs only a couple of ounces so this is a lamp that can be worn for hours on end and still not be uncomfortable.


  • White light and red light
  • 6 lighting levels
  • Water resistant
  • Adjustable lamp position

With the MS Force headlamp, you have the benefit of three bulbs producing a combined illumination of 6000 lumens.

This is an impressive amount of brightness and perfect for fishing trips taken at night, under deep cover.

Not only is the light bright, you also get to decide on the narrowness of the beam.

You can either zoom in to create a more pinpoint beam or zoom out to illuminate a larger path in front of you.

There are four modes that you can choose from including battery saver and strobe.

The mode that you choose will determine how long your battery will last.

Even at the brightest level, however, you should be able to use this lamp for about 20 hours, nonstop.

The headlamp relies on rechargeable batteries and is equipped with a wall charger.

It typically takes several hours to for the lamp to reach full charge.

The lamp here can be rotated a full 90° angle, which is great for directing the beam directly into the water.

The lamp is water resistant to a certain level and can withstand being sprayed with water.

This MS Force has a more secure fit. It has t-shaped bands that go across your head as well as on either side.

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The lamp can even fit over hats as well as it easily adjusted.


  • 6000 lumens
  • Zoom feature
  • Water resistant
  • 90° adjustment
  • Rechargeable batteries

The GRDE headlamp does have rechargeable batteries but these can be charged in a variety of ways.

It can be charged in your car, at home, or even via a USB cable.

The headlamp is charged to full strength in a matter of hours.

The lamp can produce a brightness up to 1800 lumens.

The beam can be adjusted so that it can be narrowed or enlarged according to what you need.

With the GRDE headlamp, you don’t have to flip numerous modes. You just have to choose between high light, low light, or strobe.

The headlamp can be moved in 90° angle, allowing you to create a more focused beam of light when walking or handling technical tasks.

The elastic band on the lamp is in a t-shape and can easily be adjusted. It can even be placed over hats or helmets.

The design and construction of this lamp does mean that it is heavier than some of the other options.

However, made from ABS plastic and aluminum alloy, it is not only durable but also resistant to corrosion.

The GRDE headlamp is a good option for anglers who want a powerful yet fuss-free and functional headlamp.


  • 1800 lumens
  • Zoom feature
  • 90° angle movement
  • Rechargeable
  • Three modes

InnoGear Headlamp

The three LED bulbs on the InnoGear lamp are capable of producing up to 5000 lumens.

You can choose how many bulbs you want working at any given time. This allows you to control the brightness as well as the width of the beam that is created.

There is also an option for flashing lights in the case of an emergency.

The green light of the back of the headlamp is to alert others behind of you of your position.

The InnoGear lamp uses rechargeable batteries that can offer up illumination between 4 and 6 hours, depending on the mode that you are using.

You can charge this headlamp with a wall charger or can even use portable devices such as your laptop or even your phone to charge it.

All three lights can be simultaneously rotated in a 90° angle.

The lamp is water resistant and will continue to work in an environment with lots of spray.

Most of the components are resistant to corrosion as well.

The elastic band is soft and comfortable yet very secure.

It fits over your head and has straps going around the side as well.

Due to the adjustable size, the light can be worn over other headgear.


  • 5000 lumens
  • Three modes
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • 90° rotational angle
  • Water resistant

ThorFire LED Headlamp

ThorFire LED Clip Headlamp - 155 Lumen Zoomable...
  • 【Convenient Design】ThorFire LED clip headlamp are convenient to use, you can clip them on your...
  • 【Ultra Bright & Long Run Time】The cap hat light uses class-leading LED technology that has the...
  • 【3 Lighting Modes & Easy Control】3 Modes of high / low/ specific SOS strobe. Easy to use even...
  • 【Ultralight】Compact size 3.74*1.57*2.24 inch, 1.79oz lightweight body, no burden when clipping...
  • 【Widely Applicable】Designed for reading, walking the dog, night running, fishing, biking,...
Having a strap around your head is not always the most comfortable option.

Those who don’t like the sensation of an elastic band will be able to use the ThorFire LED headlamp.

This small LED lamp attaches to the bill of a baseball cap.

It has adjustable clips which lets it attach to bills or other surfaces of varying thicknesses securely.

In all other ways, it performs precisely like the other headlamps.

It has a maximum output of 155 lumens.

There is a zoom feature and various options, allowing you greater precision with your zooming and allowing you to pinpoint an area better.

There are three modes to choose from – high, low, and strobe.

The ThorFire lamp is one of the smallest and lightest options on this list.

Nonetheless, it is incredibly durable as it is constructed from aviation-grade aluminum.

It is also incredibly simple to use. With just a button and a dial at your disposal, you can customize your beam with ease.

This headlamp relies on AAA batteries and can function for quite a long time with a fresh set.


  • 155 lumens
  • Adjustable clips
  • Three light modes
  • Made from aviation grade aluminum
  • Zoom feature

All of the products featured in this article are high-quality, innovative headlamps.

These will help to make your night time fishing expeditions a lot more fun and productive.

The information here will lead you to the headlamp that is best for you.

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