Choose The Best Scuba Mask For Your Next Dive Adventure

The main reason that you – or anyone, for that matter – go scuba diving in exotic locations is to take in the stunning views underwater.

So, it stands to reason that it is rather important that you have the best scuba mask to ensure that you are able to see these sights clearly.

Unfortunately, while there are a large number of scuba masks available for purchase, few actually live up to expectations.

The best scuba masks need to be watertight, provide you with clear vision, and fit well.

In this article here, I will tell you how to find such a mask as well as offer up some of my own, favorite masks.

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The Best Scuba Masks With Reviews

Framed vs. Frameless Dive Masks

One of the first decisions that you will need to make when choosing your dive mask is if you want to opt for a framed or frameless design. There are a few reasons why framed masks are so popular.

For one thing, they often allow you to get a much better fit. So, if you are someone who has trouble getting a mask to sit on their face properly, a framed mask may provide you with a more comfortable fit.

The other benefit is that these masks work well for those who require prescription lenses. Last but not least, in many instances, framed masks can actually be dismantled and repaired, if needed.

This doesn’t mean that frameless dive masks aren’t just as useful, however. With these frames, all of the parts – such as the buckles and the skirt – are molded together. As a result, you are left with a lightweight mask. Nonetheless, one of the top reasons that these masks are so popular is because they sit closer to your eyes, due to the lack of frame. This increases your field of vision, allowing you to see more clearly underwater.

The Lens

One of the most important aspects of any lens of any dive mask is the material. You should always make sure that the lens in question is made from tempered glass. This is so that the mask can withstand the pressure while you are diving and will not shatter.

Apart from this, the next thing that you will have to decide on is the number of windows in your dive mask. If you want an uninterrupted view, then a single lens mask will be your best option as it consists of a singular pane of glass. At the same time, you will have to be prepared for the mask sitting rather flat against your face.

If you wear glasses and thus require prescription lenses, then you will need a dual lens mask. These masks also offer up a lower volume as they sit closer to your face. In this sense, your field of vision is also greatly improved. Of course, if you are someone who feels claustrophobic, this may not be the best design for you.

Then, there are multi-lens masks – these consists of either a single or double front-facing lens and have two smaller windows on either side of your head. This helps to increase your peripheral view and can also let in more light if you are diving in darker waters. Some divers find, however, that these designs can create a distortion or reflection that can interrupt their vision.

The Skirt

Yet another important feature on your dive mask is the skirt. This is because it is the piece that ensures that a tight seal is created around your face, preventing water from coming in. so, it really pays to choose a mask that has a skirt that is made from high-quality material.

In most cases, silicone is the best possible material. This is especially true for those who have any skin sensitivities. A silicone skirt performs well to keep water out of the mask.

Another aspect to consider with skirts is the color. Most skirts are either black or transparent. If you are diving in an area with sunlight, a black or darker skirt can prevent reflective light. This is especially important for photographers. Other divers, however, prefer the clear skirt as it makes them feel less claustrophobic, especially when they are underwater.

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Straps and Buckles

As you can imagine, one of the more vital elements of a dive mask is the fit. In addition to having a properly fitting mask, you will also need to ensure that the mask sits firmly on your face. This is where the straps and the buckles come in.

It is up to you to choose a strap width and design that feels most comfortable to you. As long as it sits comfortably around your head, it should work. As far as the buckles are concerned, it is a good idea to get a mask where the buckles are attached to the skirt. This provides a much better fit for you.

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Choosing a Well-Fitting Mask

There are a few ways to choose a mask that fits your face well and is less likely to let the water in while you are diving.

The first thing you will need to do is to place the mask against your face. The strap should be looped in the front so that it remains out of the way. Then, inhale through your nose. If the mask is a good fit, it will remain in position without you having to inhale anymore. This means that there is a good seal.

You should also check on how the skirt rests against your face. Ideally, it should rest around the entire edge to create an effective seal. Last but not least, you should look around while the mask is on your face so that you can determine how good the field of view is for you.

Here is a video showing you how to get that perfect fit:

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Best Scuba Dive Mask Reviews

Here is a list of the scuba masks that will offer optimal form and function:

If you are looking for a slightly more exciting mask, then this would be it. With its signature orange and black look, you will definitely not get your diving mask mixed up with anyone else’s. Fortunately, the mask doesn’t sacrifice function for form and this mask does measure up to its claims. For one thing, the lens is made from tempered glass, ensuring that it can withstand multiple diving expeditions without any issue. I also found that my vision, overall, was rather clear due to an excellent intake of light.

The seal on this mask is top-notch. The double feathered edge of the silicon skirt, along with the high-quality strap created an excellent seal against my face. Thanks to this, I didn’t experience any leaking at all. That being said, I did find that this dive mask didn’t fit my other diving companions nearly as well. In fact, quite a few people had trouble getting this mask to fit them. However, if the mask does fit, you will find it easy enough to adjust, given the swivel buckle system.

TUSA FREEDOM HD Scuba Diving Mask

TUSA M-1001 Freedom HD Scuba Diving Mask, Black
  • Incredibly wide field of view
  • 180 degrees Rotational Buckle System
  • Large frame with minimal internal volume
  • Five-position strap angle adjuster for micro-adjustment
  • Round-edge skirt

What I liked most about this diving mask was how easy it was to get an excellent fit. This, of course, is all thanks to the Freedom technology incorporated in this mask. First off, this has a dimpled skirt which increases the mask’s flexibility and ability to stick to your face. This means that it is better suited to fit people with different face shapes and sizes. Not to mention, the buckle system also rotates 180 degrees, accommodating your head size.

You don’t have to worry about any water getting into the mask, either. The stability ridges under the cheekbone area prevent the mask from being pressed too hard against your face. In turn, this cuts down on leakage due to pressure. The wide field of view through this mask was also quite impressive. Having this mask on really does elevate your diving experience quite a bit and there are no issues. Where this mask does fall a little is with fogging. If you forget to use an effective anti-fogging solution, the mask will fog up. The good news is that this isn’t a problem when the solution is applied.

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Atomic Aquatics Venom Frameless Mask

Atomic Venom Frameless Mask, All Black
  • Ultra-wide Panoramic-view
  • Integrated Easy-Adjust Swivel Buckles
  • Gummi Bear UltraSoft silicone creates an incredibly soft and cofortable face seal
  • Single lens design
  • Reinforcing internal frame molded beneath the silicone rubber skirt

If you are looking for comfort, you will be hard pressed to find a mask that is more comfortable than this one. Now, the reason that it is so easy to wear is because of the Gummi Bear UltraSoft silicone construction. This presses gently into your face cutting down on those ugly red marks common with other masks. The feature is further supported by the silicone skirt surrounding it. The skirt has been designed to keep the mask on your face, even during those rougher conditions.

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The mask will also work well for anyone who has trouble finding the right fit. The easy to adjust swivel buckle ensures that you can get the mask to fit you perfectly. In my opinion, the other notable feature is the lens. Not only does the single lens afford you a better view, but the material also gives you an impressive perspective. See, the lens is made from Schott Superwite UltraClear material which allows up to 96 percent of light to reach your eyes. So, your view is a lot better as a result. It isn’t all good news, though. My complaint with this mask is that it has a tendency to fog up rather easily.

Cressi Panoramic Dive Mask

Cressi Liberty Triside SPE, Black/Blue/Silver
  • 3-window mask made with Tempered Glass, Low Volume Design, Easy to Clear. Ideal for Scuba Diving and...
  • Skirt & Strap made in 100% Silicone combined for Perfect Fit and Seal on Face.
  • Strap Push-Button Swivel Buckles: make Adjustments Easy and Fast.
  • Easy Access One-Handed Nose Pocket for Ear Equalization.
  • Spray Painted Effect colored frame that makes the mask elegant and beautiful to see.

If you are looking for maximum field view, then this four window mask is definitely for you. The low-volume profile also ensures that the mask sits closer to your face, letting you see even more of the underwater world around you. The lens is made from tempered glass, making them incredibly safe for you to wear and are optimal for deeper dives. The only real issue with these lenses is the fogging problem. Even with the use of anti-fogging agents, you may still have to deal with some fog on your dives.

Apart from this, though, the dive mask really does perform spectacularly underwater. This is largely because it is rather easy to get an excellent seal around your face. The skirt boasts a universal design, ensuring that it is well-suited to a larger variety of face shapes and sizes. The double-feathered edge of the skirt further increases the firmness of the seal. The final piece of the puzzle is the straps and the buckle. The strap is soft yet firm enough to alter. The buckles feature a push-button mechanism and are attached to the strap so that they are easy to adjust.

Phantom Aquatics Panoramic Dive Mask

Phantom Aquatics Panoramic Scuba Snorkeling Dive Mask,...
  • Patented Tri-Window Design, Seamless Side Windows for Unobstructed View
  • Revolutionary Push-Button Buckle for Easy and Quick Strap Adjustments
  • Foldable and Flexible Buckle Attachment that Swivel with Facial Movement
  • Great Seal Regardless of Diving Conditions, Low Volume Mask Design
  • Feathered Edge & Wide Split Strap Combined for Comfortable and Perfect Seal on Face

The tri-window design combined with the seamless side windows allows you to enjoy a truly excellent view underwater, without any interruption or distortion. At the same time, the mask is also low-volume and sits closer to your face for an even better view. Unfortunately, the particular design of the mask means that it can be a rather uncomfortable option for people with larger noses. Here, the frame can dig into the bridge of your nose, making the mask rather painful to wear. However, this isn’t a problem for many divers and the mask tends to be a rather good fit. To top it off, the lens of the mask is composed of tempered glass, making it quite safe to use.

From the very first time that you try on this mask, you will notice how easy it is to get a great fit. For one thing, the mask has a high-quality skirt with a feathered edge. Due to this, it fits a number of different faces, creating a tight and nearly impregnable seal around your face. The strap on this mask is wide, guaranteeing a much better and more comfortable fit. However, it is the buckle system that really steals the show here. Not only does it is situated on the skirt and have a push-button feature, the attachment is also flexible. So, it swivels around to adjust to the movement of your face, assuring a great fit all throughout your dive.

Kraken Aquatics Dive Mask

Kraken Aquatics Dive Snorkel Mask | Ideal and Quality...
  • Flexible Silicone for Leak-Proof, Comfort Seal: Skirt and mask strap come in soft, supple silicone,...
  • Tempered-Glass Lens for Safety: Forget the other snorkel gear that use flimsy plastic lenses! Our...
  • Convenient Buckle for Easy Adjustment: Simply pull the straps to desired fit and the buckles will...
  • Snorkeling Gear for Adults Rugged Enough for Scuba Diving: Thanks to its sturdy construction, your...
  • One-Piece Lens: A snorkel mask should help you see better, not obstruct part of your view. Now you...

This mask has been constructed to be especially rugged. So, you can be quite certain that it will stand up to the more rigorous pressures and demands of scuba diving. It isn’t just the frame that has been made up of durable material, the lens is composed of tempered glass as well. A single-frame mask, this is a great option for anyone who wants an uninterrupted view but isn’t looking for a panoramic mask. The only minor issue with this mask is that the lens tends to fog up. Fortunately, after several anti-fogging treatments, this problem should sort itself out.

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What’s really great about this dive mask is that both the skirt and the strap are made from high-grade silicone. So, in all, you are getting a high-quality mask for a decent price. Speaking of the skirt, it is flexible and supple which lets it conform to all of the different angles of your face. Thanks to this, you get a much closer fit, regardless of the shape or size of your face. At the same time, the skirt is incredibly comfortable, even when it is worn for long periods of time. The buckle design is also quite superior, making it incredibly simple to work and create a custom fit for you.

Tusa M1001 FREEDOM Dive Mask

TUSA M-1001 Freedom HD Scuba Diving Mask, Indigo...
  • Tusa Freedom HD Mask with Mask Box
  • TUSA Freedom HD Mask
  • Low-Profile Low Volume Single Lens Mask
  • Revolutionary Freedom Technology:Provides Superior Fit, Comfort and PerformanceSuperior Design,...
  • Proprietary Low-Friction Double Feathered Edge Skirt Surface on Fitting Line

The feature that really stands out about this dive mask is the excellent fit. You will find that irrespective of the size or shape of your face that this mask will cling to the contours of your face well. Now, this is largely to do with the skirt as well as the strap and buckle system. On this mask, the skirt has a round edge which provides an excellent and tight seal against your face. To add to this, the rotational buckle system can move in a 180° direction. This allows it to adjust to the specific size and angles of your face. Finally, the strap angle adjuster has a 5-point position. Thus, you can make micro adjustments to the strap for a much more customized fit.

Of course, the fit isn’t the only good thing about this mask. There is also the fact that it affords you a wonderful, unobstructed view both ahead and below you. The glass has also been properly constructed, making it well-suited to various diving conditions. My main concern with this dive mask, however, is the fogging problem. I found that you often have to resort to several different anti-fogging techniques to properly resolve this issue.

ScubaPro Solo Dive Mask

Scubapro Solo Scuba Snorkeling Dive Mask, BK
  • A modern low profile, clear and open-view single lens mask.
  • Dual colored frameless single-lens design for signifi cantly increased field of vision
  • Crystal clear double sealed silicone skirt for superior fit and comfort.
  • Non-slip strap with easy adjustable buckle. Tempered glass lens.
  • Low volume design.

If you prefer a more open look and feel to your dive mask, then you will find that this particular model will fit your needs perfectly. To start with, this mask boasts a frameless design, making it a lot lighter to wear. This is coupled with a modern, low-profile design which makes this a very unrestrictive mask to wear. Then there is the fact that the single pane of glass offers up an uninterrupted view ahead and below you. If you are a new diver or have a tendency to feel claustrophobic, then this is a good mask for you.

There is one thing that you should understand about the design of this mask – it isn’t a great option for those with narrow faces. If you have a smaller face, you may feel like this mask doesn’t fit the angles of your face just right. For others, however, there should be no such problems. For one thing, the double-sealed skirt ensures that there is a tight seal, preventing water from coming in. for another, this mask is equipped with a non-slip strap that doesn’t budge at all while you are diving. The buckle is easily adjustable and makes it a breeze to get a good fit for you.

Scuba Choice Dive Mask

Scuba Choice Scuba Diving Spearfishing Free Dive Low...
  • Tempered glass lenses
  • Low volume special design for free dive
  • Silicone skirt and adjustable strap.
  • Perfect for narrow face people and women
  • Silicone skirt size: 4-3/4" wide

If you are on the lookout for a dive mask that will fit your narrower face, then this is the mask that you should consider. This is because it has been specifically designed for smaller faces, so you will find that it has no problem attaching to the various angles and planes. Of course, this is certainly helped by the wide silicone skirt. It is well-constructed and creates a tight yet comfortable seal against your face. So, even with the pressure of diving to deeper surfaces, you don’t really have to worry about water leaking in. What’s more, the wide and adjustable strap ensures that the mask sits flush against your face for the duration of your dive.

Adding to the fit of the mask is the buckle system. It is attached to the skirt, making it incredibly easy to make any adjustments to your strap on the fly. It should also be noted that this mask has been designed to have a low-volume profile, making it really simple to equalize as well. My only complaint with this dive mask would be that it has a tendency to fog up very, very quickly. So, every time that you do dive, you will need to remember to use some anti-fogging technique if you want to prevent this.

Best Scuba Mask?

If I had to single out a single dive mask from all of the ones that I have mentioned here, I would say that the Kraken Aquatics was worthy of special attention. For one thing, it is an incredibly durable scuba mask and is sure to survive for numerous diving expeditions. On top of this, it also offers an excellent fit and creates a comfortable yet strong seal around your face. While you do have to contend with some fogging, this can be handled in a short time with continuous anti-fogging treatments. All in all, this is certainly the scuba mask that I would recommend for you, for the greatest value.

This concludes the search for the best scuba mask. You are now aware of all of the features and details to look for when searching for one. Also, these suggestions should bring you a lot closer to finding the perfect mask for you.

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