The Best SUP ( Stand-Up Paddleboard ) Board Bags Review

Best SUP Board Bags

As a group activity, paddleboarding quickly became one of our favorite pastimes. Still, we would be the first to admit that a good SUP isn’t cheap. So, it makes sense to protect your investment and minimize damage as much as possible. This is what led us on a hunt for the best SUP board bags.

Now, there are quite a few options out there but we quickly learned that not all of them actually live up to the hype. So, if you want to make sure that you end up with the highest-quality bag, you should check out the reviews below.

Best SUP Board Bags Reviews

Types of SUP Board Bags

The first decision you have to make is regarding the type of SUP board bag you should get. This depends on whether you have an inflatable or a hard SUP. Since inflatable SUPs can and should be deflated when not in use, they can be folded into smaller bags.

If you have this kind of board, then you can get a SUP board backpack. For the most part, they are rather similar to traditional backpacks in both shape and design. They have two straps on the rear portion of the bag that you can slip your arms through.

Hard SUPs, of course, can’t be folded and need to be carried as they are. These boards require full-sized cover bags that encase them completely. Therefore, they come equipped with grab handles that allow you to carry the boards by your side.

What to Look For With SUP Board Bags

Now, let’s consider all the features you will have to look for when selecting SUP board bags:

The Protection Factor

The main reason to get a SUP board bag is to protect the board. In the case of backpacks for inflatable SUPs, this isn’t something you need to be overly concerned about. Once the SUP is in the bag, it is unlikely to be damaged in any way.

With the full-body covers, though, protection becomes a top priority. This is especially true considering the way you have to carry such bags. Since it is a rather awkward position, you might increase the chances of hitting your SUP against another surface or object.

To avoid this situation, you should look for board bags that have a foam lining. This adds a layer of padding and softens any blows aimed at the edges of the board. Due to this, the more padding there is, the better.

Size and Fit

One of the more important elements of your SUP board bag is the fit. As you are aware, there is quite a bit of variety in terms of paddleboard dimensions. The exact length and width are dependent on the type of paddleboard and the activity it is meant for.

Well, regardless of your paddleboard size, it is important to find the closest fit possible. In order for the SUP to be properly protected, it needs to remain secure. If the board moves around, the chances of it getting chipped or damaged increases. So, it must remain relatively immobile.

This can only be possible if the bag forms a snug fit around the board. Thus, before making a purchase, always measure your board and check it against the dimensions provided with the bag details.


On average, hard paddleboards can weigh between 25 and 30lbs. While inflatable designs are lighter, they often weigh around 15 or more pounds, depending on the dimensions and materials used. As a result, you need to be certain that you are selecting a board bag that can carry this weight without tearing.

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One way to determine the denier of a board bag is to check the denier of the fabric. This denotes the thickness of the individual fibers used to make a particular material. Therefore, the higher the denier, the thicker and tougher the material typically is.

Now, there is a good chance that you will be placing your SUP into your bag right after you have taken it out of the water. So, to ensure that the material doesn’t wear away with time, you may want to pick a water-resistant fabric. This will cut down on the risk of water damage.

There are some bags that have a reflective covering. This is used to deflect the UV rays that can typically cause paddleboards to start degrading with time. While this is not an essential feature, it can come in handy if you store your SUP outdoors most of the time.

Carrying Comfort

As mentioned, paddleboards can be heavy. Adding to this, there are some that are quite long as well. Thus, many models can be rather difficult to carry due to this design. This can be eased with carrying handles.

Traditionally, the more carrying handles present, the better. In particular, look out for bags that have handles on the side and edges. This way, you will be able to keep the board and bag stable while you are working.

Another important feature is a padded shoulder strap. This allows you to comfortably carry your board over greater distances. It can also cut down on the hassle involved in carrying longer boards.

Additional Storage

With paddleboards come accessories. Even if you are trying to keep it minimal, you still have your paddle to consider. So, looking for a built-in pocket or similar storage feature can certainly be handy.

If you are looking for a place to store your paddle, consider an external pocket. With the paddle on the outside of the bag, there is a less chance that it will rub against or scratch your board in any way.

The Best SUP Board Bags Reviews

Now, let’s take a look at the SUP board bags that will fully protect your paddle-board.

BPS Premium iSUP Board Bag

BPS Premium Universal Inflatable Paddleboard Backpack /...
  • THE COMPANY - Helping everyone to ‘get out and do’ is the reason Barrel Point Surf exists....
  • THE PRODUCT - The BPS Premium Universal iSUP bag is designed to fit all inflatable paddleboards up...
  • MORE ABOUT THE PRODUCT - This bag has extra handles on the sides so you can pick up, carry, or hang...
  • HERE TO HELP - Once you purchase, an easy-to-follow E-Guide with instructions and photos on how to...
  • GUARANTEE – All Barrel Point Surf products come with a full 12-month product guarantee from the...

Designed to carry inflatable paddleboards, this bag has plenty of paddleboarder-friendly features. It is suitable for most types of iSUPs out there, making it quite versatile.

To start with, the ample dimensions of 39.37″ x 17.72″ x 14.17” ensures that there is plenty of internal storage.

What’s more, the overall design of the bag is similar to traditional backpacks, making it easier to carry your heavy cargo around.

The bag has been constructed to be suitable for local as well as international travel. Thus, you will be able to take it on a plane with you.

What We Like:

  • Versatile Size: this bag can accommodate rolled up SUPs that are up to 12’6 in length and 34 inches in width. This is not including the pump. In fact, with smaller boards, you can fit in other accessories as well.
  • Comfortable Carrying Design: the backpack-like shape allows the weight to be evenly distributed across your shoulders, reducing the load that you have to carry. This makes it more comfortable for heavier boards or longer distances.
  • Numerous Carrying Options: there are straps on the top, side, and rear portion of the bag. This allows you to grasp and carry the bag in any manner that you like. It is easier to select a position that is most efficient for you.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Lacks Durability: the material that the bag is made from can’t undergo a great deal of wear and tear. So, you need to be quite careful when using it.
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Curve Wave SUP Bag

SUP Bag for Wave Boards - Boost Compact SUP Travel...
  • 💪 MASSIVE 20mm boosted nose and tail foam zones!! heavyweight 600D water-resistant polycanvas...
  • 🙌 7mm waterproof shock absorbing travel specification foam core / detachable double adjustable...
  • 🏄‍♂️ compact style SUP cover for wave riding style SUP boards
  • 👀 adjustable fin slot, big tooth PK premium ultra durable non corrosive zipper. INTERNAL STASH...
  • 🤙 Curve has been making top quality bags for over 15 years with a proven track record we know our...

This is definitely a premium bag for your hard, foam core paddleboard. It has been built to be incredibly protective and to ensure that no harm comes to your board in any way.

Due to this, this Curve board bag is actually an excellent option for travel, especially when heading out on international journeys.

There are several different size options ensuring that you will find the proper fit for your board, regardless of its directions.

It has also been designed to be easy to lift and carry from various positions.

What We Like:

  • Extra Protection: there is a thick foam layer around the bag. In particular, the front and rear ends of the bag have been fortified. This ensures that the most delicate areas of your SUP remain protected. The lining is shock absorbent as well.
  • Durable: it is made from a 600D, water-resistant polycanvas base. As a result, the bag is able to withstand daily wear and tear with ease.
  • Good Size Range: the bag sizes are designed to fit anything from 8’2 x 28” up to 12’6 x 32”. This ensures that they are able to accommodate most traditional paddleboards.
  • Well-Positioned Carrying Handles: there are carrying handles on the flat surface and the side. There is a padded shoulder strap as well. This allows you to get a good grip on the board in the most comfortable position for you.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Difficult to Pick Right Size: the thick foam layer makes it difficult to decide what size is most suitable for your board. Thus, you often have to take a chance with the sizing.

BIC Sport HD SUP Board Bag

BIC Sport HD SUP Board Bag, Grey/Silver/Blue, 10-Feet...
  • Durable, High quality, dependable, protection for your SUP board available for Touring and Round...
  • Reflective deck + hull material to reduce heat exposure when exposed to sunlight
  • Durable 600D material in nose, tail, and rails for extra protection + 5mm foam padding
  • Multiple carry handles and paddle holder + extended zipper for easier board loading and unloading
  • Sizing = sizing of the bag (11' bag for 11' board): Note that BIC board bags have been sized for an...

The greatest advantage of this board bag is that it is quite strong and able to house more heavyweight boards with ease.

The bag creates a protective layer around the board, keeping it safe from most dings and scratches.

What’s more, it has also been equipped with features to help protect the bag – and your board – from the elements. This helps both items to last longer.

The overall shape and design of the bag allow it to accommodate boards of different hull designs.

It has also been constructed for easy loading and unloading, making it an excellent option for all types of travel.

What We Like:

  • Excellent Protection: there is 600D durable material and foam lining around the areas of the board that are most susceptible to damage. As a result, it is well protected from dings and other types of contact.
  • Shield Against Elements: a reflective hull and deck patch reduces heat exposure inside the bag. Due to this, the board is unlikely to experience degradation due to UV damage.
  • Easy Carrying Style: there are multiple carrying handles around the bag and a padded shoulder strap as well. This increases the ease of carrying.
  • Additional Paddle Storage: there is an external paddle storage section, ensuring that the paddle is kept separate from the board.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Limited Sizes: the size of the bags have been designed specifically according to BIC SUPs and so, it may be difficult to find a suitable size for your board.
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Curve Travel SUP Bag

Curve SUP Bag Stand Up Paddleboard Bag Travel 10mm...
  • ⚓ heavy duty 600D water-resistant polycanvas base 😎 silver reflective tarpee upper
  • 🛌 10mm waterproof shock absorbing travel specification foam core ➕ integrated paddle holder...
  • 👍 detachable double adjustable shoulder strap ▪ super tough & padded ▪ premium YKK buckles...
  • 👀 stacked with other great features ▪ adjustable and closable fin slot ▪ large internal...
  • 🙌 QUALITY IS MANDATORY, not optional 💯 Premium quality YKK Buckles are used throughout for all...

If you are looking for a SUP bag specifically for travelling, then this is the one for you. It has been designed to protect your board extremely well, ensuring that it can withstand most bangs and dings.

There are also plenty of size options to select from, allowing you to find dimensions that are most suitable to your SUP, in particular.

The bag contains additional storage features that let you carry other accessories, such as your paddle alongside your board as well.

What We Like:

  • Highly Protective Features: this board bag has a 10mm foam lining around the bag. On top of this, it is shock-resistant, keeping the board well protected under all travel conditions.
  • Durable: the bag is constructed from durable 600D material, allowing it to carry heavier boards for longer periods of time.
  • Wide Size Range: the size range runs the gamut from 9′ x 32″ to 14’ x 28”. Thus, this is the best bag for longer boards.
  • Additional Storage: there is an external storage pocket that you can use to store your paddle and keep it separate from the board.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Difficult to Stabilize: there is no carrying handle on the side of the bag. As a result, it can be a bit difficult to steady the bag and board while carrying them.

SurfStow SUP Board Bag

This is another bag that is well-suited to travel. So, whether you want to throw your paddleboard on the roof of your car or take it on an airplane, this board bag should work well for you.

The protective features ensure that you will be able to keep your board undamaged and intact, regardless of where you are taking it.

There are also numerous pockets both inside and outside of the bag, allowing you to take as many accessories on your trip as you want.

What We Like:

  • Protective Layer: the foam layer on the inside of the board bag is quite thick. As a result, you can virtually guarantee that your board will remain completely unharmed, particularly during air travel.
  • Lots of Additional Storage: the external pocket allows you to store your pocket. The internal pockets can be used for a number of accessories. Since they are equipped with drainage holes, you can slip your board into its bag straight out of the water.
  • Can Fit Thicker Boards: the bag is quite roomy making it suitable for thicker, more stable boards.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Limited Size Range: while it isn’t as limited as some other options, the bags do only fit specific sizes. Therefore, you will need a board that is 10’, 10’6”, 11’6”, 12’6”, or 14” to find a suitable fit.
  • Not Very Durable: if the bag does undergo too much friction, there is a chance that it may tear in certain places.

SUP ATX Deluxe Paddle Board Bag

Sup ATX Deluxe Paddleboard Bag, Grey, 11'0"
  • Made of Heavy Duty Canvas material with added foam padding
  • Features a fin slot, built-in paddle carrier, built-in tie down slots, and a removable shoulder...
  • Fits max Board width 32.5" and max thickness 5.0"

If you are someone who has to stack your paddleboard on the roof of your car, then this will be a suitable selection for you.

It is made from durable material that holds up well against most wear and tear and even some sun as well.

The bag is equipped with additional storage, ensuring that you don’t have to place all of your accessories in the same spot.

What We Like:

  • Protective Layer: there is a thick foam layer on the inside of this bag that pads the board well. Therefore, even if the board isn’t secured well, it is unlikely to gain any scratches or other signs of damage.
  • Durable: made from canvas material, this bag holds up well in most environments. As a result, it will last longer, making it an investment.
  • Good Carrying Mechanisms: there are straps all around the bag, including a removable shoulder strap. All of these options allow you to select the most comfortable carrying style for you.
  • Built-in Paddle Storage: there is external, built-in paddle storage, making it even easier for you to take your SUP around with you.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Limited Size Range: there are only two size options – boards that are either 11 feet or 12 feet long with a width of 32 inches.

What Is the Best SUP Board Bag?

If you wanted a board bag for your inflatable SUP, then the BPS bag should be your choice. It is roomy enough for a wide variety of boards, comes with comfortable straps, and can be carried in a multitude of ways. So, it should serve you well.

In case you are looking for a bag to carry a hard SUP, then the Curve Wave board is a clear choice. It boasts excellent protective features and has plenty of size options too. It is easy to carry and is quite durable and long-lasting to boot.

This sums up the best SUP board bags available on the market. The reviews here should give you some idea of what your top options really are. In case you want to look for one on your own, our buyer’s guide should help you out.

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