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best tent stakes

We tested 9 of the best tent stakes to determine the number one stake available in the market. After trying all the products, the results showed that MSR Mini Groundhog is the best stake you can use for your tents.

Our team regularly goes camping and has observed that good tent pegs can hold the tent even in harsh weather conditions. So, we compared some of the most popular tent stakes to find the product that performs better than others.

You need a strong, reliable tent stake that keeps the tent intact during strong winds. We concluded that MSR Mini Groundhog would be the most suitable option for campers. If you camp solo, it is better to have easy-to-use pegs as you don’t have someone to help setting up the tent.

MSR Mini Groundhog will be the best option – whether you are solo or with a group – as it is lightweight and has a stronghold. Even though other tent stakes in the list are great options, there is no match for this one.

In this article, we have reviewed ten tent stakes to make it convenient for you to choose one. After reading the product reviews, you can decide which stake is better for your tents.

How to choose a Tent Stake?

Out of the hundreds of options available, choosing one tent stack can be quite challenging. After extensive research and various tests, we came up with the best tent stakes you can find in the market.

Before you choose a tent stake, you should know where you will be using it. Your decision depends on your camping or hiking style and the expected weather conditions. As you need more space for your camping gear in your backpack, it is better to buy tent stakes that are light.

However, you should buy heavy-duty tent stakes that are strong and durable if you only have to walk a few miles before setting up the tent.

Read the features, pros, and cons of every product thoroughly to know the most suitable one for your tent. And as you are investing your hard-earned money on these tent stakes, they should be the best ones.

Tent Stake Reviews 2021

MSR Mini Groundhog – Best overall for Backpacking Trips


The MSR Mini Groundhog stakes are one of the easiest to use and lightweight stakes that you can find in the market. The manufacturer has been delivering superior quality stakes with a design so unique that many other manufacturers have tried to imitate it.

This tri-beam stake is made from an aircraft-grade 7075 aluminum. This gives the core of the stake immense strength, providing it the ability to stay put even in the presence of strong forces. The unique and notched design of the stake allows you to decide its placement at your convenience.

These stakes are comparatively shorter than a lot of other models. But the short length has not compromised with its over properties. It rather makes it easier to install the same and provides better holding strength than any other long-length stake. Every stake comes with a paracord loop that allows you to pull it out of the ground with ease.

Who Should Buy It

This amazing stake makes an excellent choice for backpackers who are beginners in the experience. This particular item can help them make their camping gear more elegant and provide a comfortable outdoor camping experience.

We We Like

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Small size
  • Strong grip
Not So Good

  • Difficult to pull out from the ground

Eurmax Galvanized – The best choice for car camping


The Eurmax Galvanized is a statement of strength and durability that will make your camping experience a million times better. These stakes come in a 10 pack, each packed immense power to hold the ground strong even in strong wind conditions.

These stakes have a 10-foot guyline along with a polypropylene top that can be replaced. As a result, it helps you stay extra prepared for all your camping journeys in advance. The guyline has various attachment points that make it easy to use these stakes for a reliable installation on the ground.

Despite their commendable strength, these stakes are highly lightweight. You can hammer them as hard as you want, they are least likely to get bent. They are made with galvanized steel that improves their sturdiness and longevity. However, you still need to be careful while installing them on hard and rocky surfaces.

Who Should Buy It

If you are planning for a car camping trip, these pegs will make a reliable and worthy choice. These pegs will offer enough strength and a strong grip hold to make your campsite safe and sturdy. Set it up near your car at night, and you are good to enjoy the beautiful night sky.

We We Like

  • Strong holding power
  • Can hold solid in the sand and any other type of ground
  • User friendly
  • Extra replacement parts included
Not So Good

  • It cannot be installed without a hammer
  • Moves or spins in one place

All One Tech – Budget-friendly purchase


If you are looking for a pocket-friendly option of stakes that is reliable and efficient in function, then the All One Tech is the suitable choice for you. These stakes are made with superior quality aluminum and come in a tri-beam or Y-beam shape.

These stakes are known for the balance and strength they offer. The length is quite balanced with a unique design and lightweight. They provide a very strong grip on the ground allowing the tent to stay stable even in strong winds.

The tri-beam with a notched guyline allows the user to install the same in any direction possible. You might not be able to install these pegs deep into the ground with just your foot. However, the strength offered by these stakes is so powerful that even if they are halfway down, you are good to go.

Who Should Buy It

This economical 12- pack of stakes comes in its own carry pouch that makes its storage and placement quite easy. All these stakes are a great package deal for the backpackers looking for value for money and something lightweight for a weekend camping getaway.

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We We Like

  • Relatively light in weight
  • Steller value for money
  • It comes with a stuff sack for packing
  • Excellent performance in all camping grounds
Not So Good

  • It cannot be installed with ease by foot
  • Difficult to pull out from the hard ground

Vargo Ti Shephards Hook – Best lightweight option


The Vargo Ti Shephards Hook is the lightest possible stake that one can find in the market. These stakes are made with the highest quality titanium that makes these stakes ultralight and easy to carry. The use of titanium also provides these stakes a lot more flexibility to hold any type of ground they are used on.

These stakes have a classic hook design that helps in easy removal and installation in the toughest of the grounds. The narrow rear end helps the peg to pierce through the ground with ease, reducing your troubles to a minimum.

Another advantage of its slender and hook-shaped design is that it packs light and easy. You can store them in any corner of your backpack without caring much. They are much more durable than any aluminum pegs, making them more durable and stronger in strong wind conditions as well.

Who Should Buy It

The Vargo Ti Shepherd’s Hook makes a perfect choice for all the users who believe in light packing. It makes a perfect recommendation for a lightweight backpack setup with high functionality and sturdiness.

We We Like

  • Ultralight
  • Highly flexible
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Perfect for hard and rocky surfaces
Not So Good

  • Difficult to place by foot
  • Need to be installed in a particular direction

Orange Screw Ultimate Ground Anchor – Best pegs for beach camping


Do you get the feel of camping the night on your trips to the beach? The Orange Screw Ultimate Ground Anchor can be a suitable companion for those unexpected camping night-outs on the beach. These stakes are meant for installation on soft sedimentation like the sand found on the beach.

These pegs are made from a highly flexible plastic material with a screw-like design. They have an appropriate length that inserts well on the sandy beach and provides an unbelievably strong grip in such a loose ground. They are highly lightweight, durable as well as sturdy in their functioning.

Another benefit of using these screws is that they can be installed with the foot. You don’t have to supply all your strength to hammer them down, they easily glide through the sand and lock your tent on the ground. Don’t worry if you are only able to insert the screw about 50% in the ground. The unique design of the pegs and the plastic material provide natural traction that holds steady in sandy soil.

Who Should Buy It

Even though these screws might be specifically designed for beachside camping, you can still use them in areas with a slightly harder surface. They make a great choice for backyard camping, car camping, or any other random camping space on an unexpected plan.

We We Like

  • Highly durable
  • Strong grip on the ground
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Made from sustainable material
Not So Good

  • Limited usage

TOAKS Titanium V-Shaped Stakes – Great Performance in soft grounds


The TOAKS Titanium V-Shaped Stakes is known for delivering a reliable performance when the conditions are appropriate. They make a perfect choice for soft ground camping sites like beaches, backyards, car camping and trips, and any place similar.

These pegs are made in a v-shaped design. This design is what allows these stakes to stand firm on soft grounds. These stakes are pretty lightweight and can be packed with convenience in any type of backpack. The v-shaped design not just provides for a great hold on the ground, it also helps in stacking the pegs for easy storage.

The packaging includes a small stuff sack to keep the pegs together. Even if you throw them inside your bag, you can easily locate them in one place with ease. You don’t need a hammer to pin these pegs down. A delicate push by the foot will do the job. These pegs do not come with a pull cord, so it might get but tricky while removing them.

Who Should Buy It

Overall, these v-shaped titanium stakes deserve full credit for their lightweight and sturdy grip on soft ground. You don’t have to think twice before using these pegs. Just stuff them up, and you won’t regret the purchase.

We We Like

  • Lightweight titanium construction
  • Neat nesting design
  • Strong holding on soft grounds
Not So Good

  • Difficult to pull out
  • Not very durable

FANBX F Tent Pegs – A lightweight budget purchase


Finding tent stakes that are both lightweight and economical is pretty difficult. But you can put an end to your search with the FANBX F Tent Pegs. These amazing stakes are made from superior quality aluminum with a shepherd’s hook design.

Weighing only about 0.67 oz, these pegs are extremely lightweight. Their lightweight does not compromise with their functionality. They are highly effective and hold deep and steady on the ground. The shepherd’s hook design comes with a hexagonal shape that inserts easily into the ground.

The length of this peg is about 7 inches. This gives it a deeper insertion in the ground but does not make them long enough for creating trouble in packing. The strength of these pegs is exceptionally good. Even with continuous hammers, they do not bend out of shape and stand sturdily on the ground.

Who Should Buy It

These pegs are one of the most reasonably priced stakes that you can find in the market. They are not just budget-friendly but also strong enough to get the job done. These make a perfect choice for the campers looking for a durable peg that performs well on soft surfaces.

We We Like

  • Lightweight
  • It works well even if it gets bent
  • Simple design
Not So Good

  • Installation can be problematic
  • Requires a directional placement

AnyGear 7075 Aluminum Pegs – Known for strong tri-beam


The AnyGear 7075 Aluminum Pegs might be a bit difficult to get your way with. But once you are well acquainted with the same, you cannot get enough of it. These great tent stakes are known for their tri-beam design. Their design offers them durability and strength to withstand any difficult weather condition.

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These pegs are very lightweight, weighing only about 0.48 oz, and are 7 inches in length. The length is appropriate enough to dig deep in the ground but not long enough to hinder your packing. The weight to length ratio of these pegs provides them highly reliable for a great grip on the ground.

All the pegs come with three notch points and one spine. This provides the guyline multiple attachment options. This feature comes in handy when the stake can be installed only halfway through the ground. With a lower guyline attachment, a more secure position is created for holding the tent. It also reduces the torque, which one can observe while attaching a guyline to the top of the stake.

Who Should Buy It

These pegs are not meant for amateur backpackers. You have to be a bit careful with them to get full value for money. But they are quite cheap and perform well if used well. There appears no reason why you shouldn’t give them a try.

We We Like

  • Lightweight
  • Steady grip
  • Pull cord with high visibility
Not So Good

  • Not very durable
  • Directional placement needed

Coleman 10-inch Steel Stakes – A strong steel option for campers


The Coleman 10-inch Steel Stakes are known for their great holding power and versatility. They have a perfect length paired with a burly nature that adds to the strength and sturdiness of these stakes. These stakes resist wear and tear to a maximum and maintain their strength even after multiple uses.

They hold a strong grip on sandy grounds and provide highly reliable holding power. They work equally well in any type of soft ground surface. The top of the stakes is covered with a propylene piece that prevents any damage due to multiple uses. The different guyline attachments help in adjusting the tent at your convenience.

These pegs can be inserted with the foot on soft ground. However, there are chances of it getting bent on hard or rocky surfaces. Made from stainless steel, these pegs are highly durable, but this adds to the weight of the pegs.

Who Should Buy It

If you are looking for pocket-friendly options for fun family camping trips, these will work perfectly. You come jump up and put together a hassle-free comfy tent for your family to enjoy a beautiful night sky!

We We Like

  • Long length
  • The powerful grip on the ground
  • Easy to use
Not So Good

  • Heavy and bulky
  • Torque issue

Buying Guide

best tent stakes
The Eurmax Galvanized Non-Rust Camping Family Tent Pop Up Tent Stakes

Other than the tent stakes mentioned above in the list, there are plenty of alternatives to suit your needs. But without enough information, you won’t be able to select the suitable pegs for your tent.

You have to research a little about tent stakes before you go to the market to buy them. However, we made it more convenient for you by listing some of the factors you need to look for in tent stakes. If a tent stake has all or most of these features, you have found the best one for your tents.


The durability of a tent stake depends on its material. The material should be the first thing you should look for in a tent stake. Other than the durability, you can also determine the weight and strength of the peg with its material.

Nowadays, there are four types of tent stake materials you can find in the market. Among various other factors, each type of material has a great impact on the performance and price of the tent stake.

Here are the four common materials used to make tent stakes:

Steel Tent Stakes

The first and most popular type of material used to manufacture tent stakes is steel. One of its significant advantages is that steel-made stakes are highly durable. Due to their durability, they can hold your tent during rain or snow and also withstand heavyweights.

The disadvantage of these stakes is their weight. They are quite heavy and bulky and will take a lot of space in the backpack. Moreover, if you do not use steel stakes regularly, they might get rusty, and the performance will decline. So, avoid them if you do not go camping regularly.

Aluminum Tent Stakes

Aluminum stakes come next to steel ones in terms of durability and performance. No matter how harsh the weather is, aluminum steel stakes have enough holding power even at stony or rocky surfaces. They are cheaper as well as lighter than the steel ones.

However, due to their lightweight, the chances of damage are high without proper care. If you force them into the ground, they might bend, affecting the peg’s overall performance.

Titanium Tent Stakes

Since titanium is one of the strongest metals, titanium tent stakes will surely last longer than most other options. Despite their lightweight, these stakes are rigid and can endure heavyweights. Most professionals would recommend buying a titanium tent stake because of its extraordinary features.

But, like all good things, these types of stakes come with a hefty price tag. The expensive price is mainly due to the lightweight.

Carbon Fiber Tent Stakes

Carbon fiber is also a commonly used material for tent stakes. These stakes have recently come into the market and have become popular due to their light structure. Moreover, this type of tent stake is best for those who only go camping occasionally as they are delicate in nature.

However, the delicate nature is also a disadvantage as they can break easily when pushed hard into the ground or slammed against hard surfaces.


The shape of a tent stake is also an essential factor that impacts the durability and performance of the peg. There are various types of shapes and designs for tent stakes available in the market.

Here are some of the most common shapes of tent stakes:

V-Shaped Tent Stakes

Designed in a V shape, these tent stakes have a large surface area to prevent rotations in the ground. At a closer look, you can notice a small hinge near the top that protects the tent’s guy-lines.

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These stakes are more resistant than other shapes, such as needles and shepherd’s hooks. As they are built with strong metals like aluminum, V-shaped tent stakes are very light and comfortable to hold.

Y-Shaped Tent Stakes

Y-shaped tent stakes have even a larger surface than V-shaped ones. Due to their unique design, these pegs won’t rotate no matter what type of soil you are camping on. Moreover, there are small hinges on these stakes that prevent them from bending when forced into the ground.

The robust design of Y-shaped stakes allows a firm grip and high holding power. The only flaw with these stakes is the hefty price tag and bulky nature that is not ideal for backpacking.

Utility Tent Stakes

Utility tent stakes are the low price alternatives with a similar design as Y-shaped stakes that prevents rotation in the surface. You can tell the difference between these two ten stakes by looking at their length. The utility stake is longer than the Y-shaped one, allowing a better grip and more holding power.

The downside of these stakes is that they are made of plastic which is hard to push into the ground.

Nail Tent Stakes

Nail tent stakes are made from either titanium or steel material that adds to their durability and overall performance. Also known as T-shaped stakes, these stakes have a pointed end and flathead. Some nail stakes come with a plastic flathead to improve their overall performance.

Shepherd’s Hook

Shepherd’s hook tent stakes are similar to the nail tent ones but with a different design. They come with a pointy end on one side and a hook on the opposite side.

The only problem with these stakes is that if you do not secure them properly, they will bend and get damaged easily.

Sand and Snow Stakes

Sand and Snow stakes, as the name suggests, are made particularly for camping on the sandy or snowy ground. They are quite big and have a curved shape that comes with small holes to maintain the grip on the snowy grounds.

The narrow, robust design of these stakes improves the rigidity, grip and also prevents rotations in the soil. But you should avoid these stakes if you are a regular camper as you can only use them in winter.

Length and Surface Area

The holding power of a tent stake depends on its length and surface area. The ideal tent stake is the one with a short length and large surface area as they provide better performance on all types of soil.

Both length and surface will decide how deeper the tent stake can go into the ground and how likely will it stay there. If the stake is long and its surface area is large, it means the stake is heavy.

While short stakes work well on those grounds that do not need a firm grip, long stakes provide you a strong anchor. Moreover, shorter stakes would be ideal for windy conditions, whereas longer stakes are better in soft or sandy soil.

Soil Conditions

The soil conditions are equally important as the material or shape of the tent stake. The type of soil you will camp on will help you decide which tent stake you should use. Here are the different types of camping grounds:

Sandy Soil

For sandy soil, you should use a stake with a large surface area that works best in this soil condition. The tent stake must have enough holding power to keep the tent intact in soft or sandy soil conditions.

Some experts advise to keep a bag of sand and use it as a weight so that they don’t come out. You can also use something with a wide surface area as an anchor to secure the tent’s guy lines.

Hard Surface

On hard surfaces, nail stakes would be your best choice. To be more specific, you should use titanium nail stakes to camp on hard grounds as they are strong and lightweight. These stakes are expensive, but if you are a regular camper, you should try them.

The main problem on hard ground is that the stakes often bend while you are hammering them into the ground. That is why we recommend a titanium-made tent stake to avoid any hassle while camping. Also, look for shorter ones as hard ground offers more friction.

Rocky Ground

For rocky grounds, V-shaped or Y-shaped ten stakes would work fine. However, if the ground has small rocks in low quantity, you can also choose a nail-shaped tent stake.

But if you are camping on soil with larger rocks, you need heavy-duty tent stakes that do not bend as you pound them into the ground. Moreover, use medium-sized stakes as longer ones won’t go entirely into the ground, and shorter ones don’t have enough holding power. Look for a 6 to 8 inches long tent stake that is ideal for rocky grounds.

Windy conditions

In windy conditions, you need strong tent stakes made with either steel or titanium. You can use Y-shaped stakes in these situations as they offer a large surface area with the appropriate length.

Furthermore, the steel tent stakes are durable and have a firmer grip than others to keep your tent secured to the anchor.


Visibility of a tent stake ensures that you do not miss or lose them while packing up. Campers often lose their tent stakes due to the smaller size and dull colors. You should choose the ones that are highly visible even at nighttime.

Moreover, if the stakes are visible, you won’t trip over them while exploring the campsite. You can buy the stakes with bright colors or a glow-in-the-dark effect that serves best at night.

Final Verdict

With the tent stakes listed above and the buying guide, choosing the right tent stake won’t be difficult anymore. Just keep in mind the essential factors, and you will be ready to make a decision.

MSR Mini Groundhog Tent Stakes will be the most suitable option to have the perfect camping or hiking experience. It is a lightweight yet strong tent stake that will hold your tent in the worst weather conditions.

If you want to know more about these tent stakes, visit their amazon link and choose the one that meets your requirement.

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