6 Best Trout Spinning Reels Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Trout Spinning Reels

Trout is one of the most popular fish species anglers enjoy going after. Irrespective of whether you fish in calmer rivers or remote ponds, trout are a fun catch. If you are among this crowd of trout-lovers, then the right equipment should consist of the best trout spinning reel.

Trout are attractive hauls but wanting to catch fast, or heavier fish can be challenging. This means that your gear needs to keep up with your angling requirements. Having proper trout spinning reels and rods that work compatibility is the best way to catch a nice, big trout.

6 Best Trout Spinning Reels Reviews

Here, we have included products that qualify for the title of best trout spinning reel for your convenience. These have been chosen after careful consideration and trial of multiple reels.

Okuma Ceymar C-10

Firstly, Okuma Ceymar C-10 is the best trout spinning reel for affordability purposes on the market. Nonetheless, it does not compromise on performance despite its low pricing. If you want a versatile reel, then this one will serve you well.

The medium size of this spinning reel is suitable for all anglers irrespective of their preferences. Whether you want to fish for catfish, bass, walleye, carp, and of course trout, this is a good reel. While this reel is not highly specialized for trout exclusively, it gives you options to diversify as per your mood.

Okuma Ceymar C-10 has an efficient cyclonic flow rotor. This feature makes for rapid drying thanks to cyclonic airflow through the ported rotor. As a result, you can expect a reduced tendency towards corrosion and hence greater longevity.

Additionally, there is minimal water intrusion possible with this reel. The inner gear of the reel is kept protected to reduce corrosion even further.

This is made possible because of the corrosion-resistant graphite construction. Not only is this material durable but also lightweight, making it comfortable for prolonged use.

This lightweight option goes great in combination with light fishing rods to give you overall convenience. It is suitable for catching trout thanks to the maximum drag of 6.6 lbs.

While this is not a large drag, it is exceptional for a reel weighing only 5.9 ounces. You will benefit from its compactness if you enjoy ice fishing in smaller areas as well.

Also, this reel is perfect for fishing small trout like tiger, brook, and golden trout. It has a great combination of a 21-inch retrieve/crank and a 5.0:1 gear ratio. With these features, you get speedier action for catching small trout that fall in the 5 to 9 lbs weight category.

The 7-bearing system on the Okuma Ceymar makes functions smoother. The anti-reverse bearing adds to its effective operations to keep your hooks well maintained.

The alignment system is highly streamlined and increases the casting range of this spinning reel. The machined aluminum spool adds to the efficiency of this function as well. The additional precision gear system is machine cut to increase casting accuracy by minimizing friction. You can expect lesser drag pressures because of the smoother operations of this reel.

As far as comfort goes, this is the best trout spinning reel you can find. The zinc diecast handle is a great choice that can undergo higher levels of wear and tear. You can expect enough torque for trout fishing without concerns about the handle breaking apart.

Top features

  • 5-9 lbs. weight
  • 5:0:1 gear ratio
  • Anti-reverse bearing


  • Reasonably priced
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Multi-disk drag system
  • 7 ball-bearing system
  • Zinc diecast handle
  • Greater corrosion resistance


  • Not as durable compared to others on this list
  • Relatively lesser drag power

Abu Garcia Revo SX

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Abu Garcia REVO4 SX-HS Revo SX Low Profile Fishing Reel
  • 9 stainless steel ball bearings plus 1 roller bearing provides smooth Operation
  • X2-Craftic alloy frame for increased corrosion resistance
  • C6 carbon side plates provide significant weight reduction without sacrificing strength and...
  • Power stack carbon matrix drag System provides extreme drag pressures combined with unpatrolled...
  • Dragger brass gear for extended gear life. Instant Anti-Reverse feature is available

Abu Garcia is a well-known name in the world of fishing gear. This is one of the best trout spinning reel for overall quality and effectiveness.

Revo SX Spinning Reel is a premium quality pick for both beginners and seasoned fishers. It has an X-Craftic gearbox that is more durable than ever. This is combined with the innovative C6 carbon housing, which gives you a lightweight option with higher rigidity.

Not to mention, the gear alignment is streamlined enough to help you reel in some stubborn catches. The D2 gear design, along with the brass, made main gear increase efficiency. So you can expect greater power and lesser strain.

Additionally, this spinning reel has a Rocket Spool Lip that boosts casting accuracy. Regardless of where you are located, the precision is on the spot with whichever line you choose to fish with. This unique feature also lets you reduce drag as the line is running off the reel.

Abu Garcia Revo has an optimum gear ratio of 6.2:1. You can avail of quicker retrievals and be assured of smoothness. Even with situations requiring greater drag, you won’t face any hassles.

Thanks to the maximum drag power of 24 pounds, you can catch some of the heaviest fish. The thicker carbon washer construction is suitable for increasing performance and sturdiness. This is a huge advantage since the net weight of the reel is only 6.66 ounces.

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There is an adjustable brake system that has effective magnetic technology. This feature reduces the amount of backlash.

Not only is the performance impressive, but it is also relatively noiseless. Moreover, there is no need for concern regarding corrosion. The carbon side plate and handle housing are made of materials that promise longevity.

Finally, this is an elegant looking reel that will add to the sleekness of your gear. You can also save some money since this is a high-quality reel available at moderate prices.

Top Features

  • 6:2:1 gear ratio
  • Noiseless
  • Maximum drag of 24 lbs.
  • Corrosion-free body


  • Rocket Spool Lip for better casting performance
  • 9 bearings
  • Optimum gear ratio
  • Greater durability
  • Moderate pricing


  • Customers reported discomfort with retrieval operation

Shimano Sedona

Sedona FI
  • coupon, prop65, spinning-reels, walleye18

Shimano delivers some of the best trout spinning reel you can find. This model from the company is an upgraded make of the original Sedona freshwater spinning reel. First and foremost, the top of the line Hagane gear design is unparalleled.

The Hagane design will give your reel greater durability to make it a better investment. Your performance will also be smoother, along with a longer life span for your equipment.

Additionally, the power and smoothness of this reel do not leave you wanting. For both inshore and offshore fishing, you can expect enhanced operations.

The machine-cut spool is double-anodized and delivers on impressive line capacity. At the same time, the overall compactness of the reel is not compromised.

This is a great advantage for those who want to be able to cast further and longer. There will be no backlash action or entanglement to worry about, either.

The patented Propulsion Line Management System of this spinning reel by Shimano is highly beneficial for trout fishers.

Top Features

  • No backlash actions
  • Unparalleled design


  • 4 bearing structure
  • Available in 2500 and 1000 size ranges
  • Hagane gear design
  • Propulsion Line Management System


  • 7 lbs drag is low for larger trout fishing needs

Daiwa BG5000

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Daiwa BG5000 BG Saltwater Spinning Reel, 5000, 5.7: 1...
  • Black Anodized Machined Aluminum Housing ("Hard Bodyz" Body & Side Cover), Over-sized Digigear...
  • Solid Screw-In Handle, Air Rotor, Dynamic Cut Aluminum ABS Spool
  • Braided Line Ready Spool, Waterproof Drag System, Carbon ATD, Line Per Handle Turn: 47.4"
  • Manual Return Bail (4500 and Larger), 6BB+1RB, Gear Ratio: 5.6:1, Drag Max:22
  • Line Capacity (Lb. Test / Yards): 14/470, 17/380, 20/280 J-BRAID: 40/480, 50/360, 65/310

This reel by Daiwa is an exceptionally durable pick, along with having high-end technology for improved performance. Thanks to its longevity, the design is suitable for saltwater fishing. Moreover, the size of this reel is ideal for freshwater fishing as well.

The aluminum casing of the reel adds to the durability in the long run. Not to mention, the waterproof design keeps the wear and tear to a low.

It also comes with a Digigear System and dynamic cut ABS spool that ensures streamlined functions. The spool is perfect for trout fishing because it is designed with a large diameter and braid-ready system. Your line will not bunch up, and you won’t fall short of space on the spool as a result.

This reel has a larger pick-up and bail system that ensures that lines don’t loop or twist. Your casting will be smooth and consistent. However, the bail roller tends to corrode if used in saltwater. While it is cheap to replace, maintenance can become an annoyance.

Keep in mind that this reel is a bit on the heavier side than others on the list. However, a lighter reel would have hiked prices as well, which is reasonable for this reel in the current state.

Daiwa BG5000 is appropriately sized for catching trout and other bigger fish. It has a decent drag, which makes it suitable for various catches. However, if you only plan on catching only smaller trout, go for smaller sizes of this reel.

Top Features


  • Decent drag power
  • Suitable for both saltwater and freshwater fishing
  • Highly durable build
  • Smooth retrieval function
  • Moderately priced


  • Casting all day can get uncomfortable due to the heavier build
  • Bail roller will rust if used in saltwater for longer periods

Okuma Helios

Okuma Helios Lightweight Spinning Reel
  • Made of highest quality material
  • Manufacturer: Okuma

This is another reel from Okuma with great functionality and enhanced sturdiness. The graphite and carbon mixed construction add to its longevity. Not only is it corrosion-resistance, but also lightweight due to these materials.

The 10 HP stainless steel bearings offer a smooth functioning when it comes to reeling action. Plus, the high-end Rotor Equalizing System gives you higher efficiency thanks to its computer-balanced design.

The spool has a line capacity of 200 yards of 6 lbs of monofilament line. As a result, this reel will give you greater performance when it comes to casting. The maximum drag power is 8 lbs.

While this is lower than some reels, it is good for medium-sized trout. The carbonite drag system is built to decrease the friction and make your fishing experience smoother.

Not to mention, Okuma Helios is comfortable because of its ultralight build and soft EVA handle. You can use it without any issues for inshore fishing.

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Top Features

  • Corrosion-resistance
  • Maximum drag power of 8lbs.
  • Stainless steel bearing


  • Lightweight design
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Effective drag system
  • 10 stainless steel bearings


  • Design is not fully sealed

This Shimano spinning reel is another great option from an established brand. It is built with the tried and tested traditional designs that Shimano is known for. Additionally, it has the latest innovations that have come about in the fishing gear industry.

The efficient Hagane design is an important part of this spinning reel. It ensures improved durability and ease of use. Moreover, carbon-infused technology is a specialized feature of the Shimano Stradic.

It strengthens reel aging by 1.5 times while making the whole apparatus 20% lighter. The construction is thus even lighter than the already weightless graphite builds of other reels.

With an innovative lightweight construction, you can expect better casting performance. The power roller also decreases the chances of line entanglement by almost half. In combination with the Dyna-Balance rotor and Fluidrive II system, this effective line management system is a killer match.

Top Features

  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Less entanglement


  • Effective gear support for catching stubborn fish
  • Waterproof housing of the drag system
  • Ultralight build
  • Improved durability with Hagane design
  • Upgraded line management system
  • Dyna-Balance rotor and Fluidrive II system


  • Anti-reverse switch can cause issues due to the smaller size

Best Trout Spinning Reel Buying Guide

There are multiple factors to consider when determining which spinning reel is best for you. Not only should you look for important features, but also consider your purpose at hand. In addition to these 6 best reels, we have included a buying guide to help you make a perfect choice.

Which Type of Fish Are You Looking to Catch?

The first thing you need to ask yourself is which types of fish you are going after. While the best trout spinning reel are geared towards catching trout, keeping your options open is also recommended. Fishing gear can be expensive, and you should be able to make the most of it if you have the chance.

The kind of species of fish and the different habitats you fish in will be major determining factors. The type of fish you go after will be of different sizes and weights. This will consequently impact how big your reel needs to be and what type you need.

For trout specifically, your spinning reel need not be too large. The reel won’t need to handle saltwater or need a huge drag of 20 kgs. Freshwater reels are suitable for catching trout. However, if you want to catch bigger fish like bass along with trout, your reel should be much sturdier.

Reel Size

Depending on the kind of fish you are catching, the reel size will make a difference. For trout fishing, you also need to consider which size range of trout you are interested in.

To understand the reel size, you can check the unit, which is given in the thousands. Larger numbers above 2500 designate bigger reels, which are suitable for catching bigger fish.

This means that reels sized at 2500 will be best suited for heavier and more stubborn catches. On the other hand, a 1000 rating reel will not be the right choice for bigger fish.

Another factor determined by reel size is the overall power you can expect. Although this is not a direct correlation, reels with higher ratings will be higher on power. This means that their drag system, the gear ratio, and line capacity will be more impressive.

Generally speaking, for trout, a reel rating or 2500 is enough on the higher end. A 1000 rating reel can also be suitable for moderately sized catches.


The weight of your fishing reel is often associated with the size. The heaviness is important to consider for comfort. For example, if you plan on fishing for longer hours, a heavy reel will lead to pain. Additionally, for senior anglers, the weight of a reel is a necessary consideration.

Trout fishers usually don’t need to worry about heavy reels since a lighter reel will do. An ultralight reel also gives you greater mobility as you fish. A heavier reel makes it harder to reel in catches at times. You should look between a balance of manageable weight and adequate drag power for this purpose.

Gear Ratio

The gear ratio is an important feature of any spinning reel that you buy for trout fishing. Your choice of fish determines it. The different gear ratios are categorized as high, medium, or low ratios.

The gear ratio is what determines the speed of line recovery. Thus, a higher gear ratio means faster recovery of the line. When you are reeling in your catches, the gear ratio will come into play.

As far as trout fishing goes, you should look for a medium ratio on a spinning reel. This is a balanced choice that can allow you to reel in larger and smaller fish adequately.


The drag power is a vital factor since it keeps the fish firmly hooked as you are reeling. The main function of drag is to keep the spool tensed enough as you pull the catch in. This is a necessary feature that trout fishers cannot overlook.

The drag rating will be depicted in pounds. Heavier weights indicate greater drag. This means that the more drag you have, the more stopping force you can handle.

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The heavier the drag, the greater your ease for reeling in bigger and more powerful catches. Another benefit of higher drag power is that your rod won’t snap if you hook a bigger fish.

An adequate drag system for catching trout should be of around 20 pounds maximum. Lesser drag is fine for lighter reels that help you catch smaller trout species.

Ball Bearings

Although ball bearings are a necessary feature of any spinning reel, they are even more important for fishing. Their main purpose is to ensure the smooth functioning of your reel. This is done by eliminating grinding and halting the machine.

Keep in mind that the ball-bearings should be constructed as anti-corrosion or corrosion-resistant. These will be able to resist moisture and eliminate rust build-up.

For the best ball bearing system, check that your trout spinning reel is built from stainless steel. This is an anti-corrosive material that won’t serve you wrong.


Having an anti-reverse system in your spinning reel is important. It is a device that ensures the reel doesn’t move in a reverse direction. The system works along with the drag to reel in the fish effectively. All the while, it performs this function without expending the whole spool of line.

Note whether the reel of your choice comes with a switch for operating the anti-reverse system. This is a convenient feature that lets you control when the system is in use. Any such system will help you reel in trout with more ease.

Reel Construction

The construction of housing of the reel will tell you more about its sturdiness. It will influence which fish you can pursue as well. The materials used for housing are usually aluminum or graphite.

For catching freshwater fish, aluminum reels are most suitable. For saltwater fishing, it is best to use anti-corrosive graphite.

For the sake of trout fishing, a freshwater reel made of aluminum is a decent pick.

Line Capacity

The different sizes of reel you pick will also impact the total line capacity. The line capacity is decided by the diameter and heaviness of the line of your choice. The amount of line you need should cover enough to cast longer distances. Furthermore, you should have some spare line to handle stubborn fish.

You can check the line capacity of any reel in the specifications given by the manufacturer. For smaller catches, smaller diameter and lighter lines are suitable. This means using a smaller reel will do. On the other hand, larger reels with lines as heavy as 20 pounds are needed for bigger catches.

Braided Line Usage

Putting braid on a spinning reel can create some issues at times. This includes the tendency to bunch up and slip as you are winding the braided line. Using braided lines is a great option for trout fishing since it has a greater life span. It is also better for casting longer distances.

A spinning reel that is built with spools compatible with the braided line is ideal. Braid-ready spools are specifically designed to avoid common problems like overwinding. They help to eliminate frustrating situations like entanglements as well.

Corrosion-Resistance and Longevity

The longevity of your pick for the best trout spinning reel is necessary to avoid wasting money. Even the best spinning reel is ineffective if it easily corrodes due to the effect of water.

A spinning reel that isn’t built with corrosion-resistant properties will require constant maintenance. The durability will also be compromised with time as the reel begins to falter due to wear and tear.

Additionally, without enough durability, a reel will restrict your usage. You won’t be able to use it as frequently or for as long if you fear damaging it with greater exposure.

That is why you should check the raw materials used for the construction of the reel. Moreover, check if it is protected with special coatings or coverings to seal off the inner workings. A sealed system is necessary for minimizing damage due to water action.

Although every company promises durability, it is best to check reviews instead of relying on specs.


Different reels come with warranties depending on the manufacturer. Expensive reels can be a good investment if they come with a longer warranty. Additionally, a warranty will indicate that the quality is high, and the brand’s value is guaranteed.


Is it necessary to have a trout spinning reel?

While you can use any kind of spinning reel, a trout spinning reel will ease up your fishing experience. Using a trout spinning reel is simple, and even beginners can use these reels proficiently.

You can cast a trout lure of any weight, and combining the reel with a good-quality rod will be advantageous. Lightweight fishing rods go best with trout spinning reels and make pulling in the fish more comfortable. Additionally, this gear will help you efficiently fish by keeping your lines untangled.

Is a heavier reel something that should be avoided?

Many senior anglers and those looking for comfort wonder if the weight of a reel is important. This can be confusing to determine since many reels of the same size have different weights.

The different weights are a result of the kinds of materials used in the reel. Their weight will naturally impact your ability to fish by affecting how well you can maneuver the reel.

Keep in mind that although discomfort is something you should avoid; it is inevitable after a whole day’s fishing. A heavier reel may be more durable, so avoiding heavier reels is mostly a personal preference. You are also likely to get used to the heavier weight with prolonged usage.

Generally, the weight difference measures up to 50 to 60 grams from one model to another.

Wrapping Up

A spinning reel is a great option for both avid fishers and casual anglers looking to fish trout on holiday. Adding the best trout spinning reel to your fishing gear can radically improve your fishing experience.

By picking out a suitable spinning reel from our recommendations, you can prepare yourself for your next fishing trip.

Tight Lines!

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