10 Camp Activities For Teens

camp activities for teens

Not only do teenagers have a lot of energy, but they also love to explore new things. To keep your camper excited for the whole trip ahead, you must plan some fun activities on-site and make sure there’s everything needed with you! There are many ways to have fun when camping, but finding games that teens will love can be challenging. Luckily for you, we wrote this article with camp activities for teens. These exciting trips help them bond with their friends or siblings while having great experiences they’ll remember forever.

When planning camp activities, it’s essential to consider that teens love using their phones. I know not all of us grew up with them, and some families even banish the devices during summer vacation! But you understand how times change when planning an experience for your kids–and not just because YOU prefer camping without technology.

camp activities for teens

Camp Activities For Teens

Though the day will be full of energy, it’s best not to let this high-pace atmosphere dominate your evenings. Instead, try suggesting quieter activities that involve movement or exercise for much-needed relief from all those enthusiastic moments in between! To keep things interesting, there are some camping trips with athletic fun and water-based ones if they fit better into what you want for our adolescents’ experience over summer break. Here are a few camp activities for teens.

1.Play Twister

This game is great for camping because you only need a tennis ball. Two individuals stand far apart and throw the ball back and forth to one another. The first one misses getting down on one knee afterward. If neither of them can make either foul (or miss), they have two more chances at throwing before being required.

The first person to throw the ball off their knee and get it back into play wins! This competition is just crazy enough for your average teenager, which means you’ll have fun watching them try.

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2.Human Dodgeball

Dodgeball is a game of skill, strategy, and creativity. It’s not about who can throw the ball farthest but rather how you dodge it when they hurl their intentions at your head! One person in our group will be designated as “the dodger.” At the same time, everyone stands around, forming an unbroken circle facing outward with spread legs touching, so there are no gaps between any player for protection against accidental balls thrown by other participants during gameplay (although accidents happen).

This camping activity for teens is a little more challenging than the others. The dodger has to hit their ball outside of the circle and then wave arms between legs while flippers are on to get it back into the middle with points awarded depending upon how close you are successful at hitting that particular spot! Be careful, though – if someone scores ten consecutive hits without missing, they become an extruder ( Pinball goal).

3.Explore Local Geology

There are many ways to keep teenagers busy on a camp trip. One of the best rock identification challenges! Try identifying rocks by their color, size, or shape – it will make them feel like experts in little time at all, and they’ll be able to show off what knowledge has been learned when meeting other people who haven’t yet gone through this phase with your children’s group. If you have access (and energy), see if there isn’t also something called “rock collecting”? It sounds pretty cool seeing even “normal-looking” stones turn out differently after weeks/months spent tumbling around inside some machinery.

4.Writing Camping Journal 

Journaling is an excellent way to practice storytelling, keep memories, and inspire creativity! Keep these journals around the picnic table. The prompts will help teens who aren’t very good at writing in longer formats expand their camping experience by taking notes on what they see while out there hiking or fishing with friends & family members alike all summer long.

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5.Enjoying Hammock 

Teens love to have some alone time, so bring more than just the one Hammock! I’ve found that they are also great for reading books or staying in touch with friends via their phones. Teens will be happy spending many quality minutes on this idea- don’t doubt it because you know how much our generation loves ourselves sometimes.

6.Back To Back Tag

It’s a fun game for teens. Two people start by holding hands and tagging themselves with a name. They can then only use their free hand to touch someone else, but they have to be careful not to let go of the original holder’s grip!

When a person is tagged, they become part of an ongoing chain. They can’t leave the line unless another player steps up and takes their place; otherwise, that would make them lose credibility in this game! The last one left without being labeled as such will be back TRUSTED by all others around them who want nothing but peace until finally – YOU WERE Tagged!!

7.Bean Bag Toss

You can get creative with bean bag toss games to make them more attractive. For example, you could give different point values for each of the holes or use colored bags that are unique in color, so they know what level is coming next! This game is always fun and easy-to-play when camping because there isn’t much else going on around the campfire area anyway – take turns throwing these big cushion hitboxes at one another until someone misses completely (which doesn’t happen often)

8.Preparing and Cooking a Meal

Teens love a challenge and getting involved in the planning! Let them do all of that upfront. It’s really fun for everyone involved – even if it doesn’t seem like much at first.

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The more responsibility teens take on, whether fishing or cooking their meal over an open fire, the more creative these activities let them follow instructions from adults who know what they’re doing (and have some laughs along the way).

9.Wet Shirt Relay

It’s time to get wet! This game has it all – fun, action, and more than enough water cooling on a sweltering day. You’ll need two or three buckets for each pair of teens you’re playing with (or teams). Fill those up first, then line them up about 3 feet apart. Submerge at most minuscule one shirt in each respective bucket so they stay clean while everyone else enjoys themselves without worrying if their tee will get soggy after just an hour outdoors.

10.Water Balloon Volleyball

This camping game, a classic from the Boy Scouts, is one of them. First, fill 25-30 water balloons and place them in front of you, so they’re easy to grab when needed! Then set up a net or rope between two trees five feet apart on either side as well as near both ends; this will be where your sling bag goes too (don’t forget any other supplies). Determine who’ll play defense first by dividing into teams – give each pair player A’s towel. Then it starts raining: You have 10 seconds warning before their opponent shoots at them.

Final Words

These ideas will give you and your teens a fun camping trip. They can be played together, with some being more active than others to get everyone moving! Some of these games also work well as inside the tent if it rains outside – so don’t forget them when planning this year’s vacation destination.

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