How To Flavor Your Water On Camping And Hiking Trips

Flavor Water On Camping Trips

While camping you may find that you have to use some form of purification for your water such as sterilizer tablets, this often leaves your water tasting awful to the point where you really don’t want to drink it. Either that or the plain taste of water becomes rather boring after a while.

However, there are some ways of flavouring your water while on your camping trips making it not only taste better but far more appealing to drink.

Staying hydrated while camping is so important.

You’re going to want to make the process of flavouring your water as simple as possible without having to compromise space or adding to much weight.

If you have the space then it’s a good idea to take two canteens with you one for drinking (you can add flavour to this water) and one for other purposes such as medical emergencies and cleaning (keeping this water pure)

Quick Tips On How To Flavor Water On Camping Trips

Tea & Coffee

Take some tea bags along with you and some instant coffee, a simple and fast way of adding some flavour to your water while camping. If you’re anything like me a strong coffee in the morning is a must before I can even function.

Natural Teas

Not so straight forward, this will take some research and learning before you delve in and use the natural vegetation that surrounds you to brew tea. Some call these “wild teas”

I must stress this is only for those who have knowledge of different types of plants and the parts of it to use.

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That being said you can make teas from all sorts of vegetation including blackberry leaf, acorn or oak bark, dandelion, milk thistle and many more.

It is an acquired taste in my opinion but for some it may be to their preference.

Flavor Water On Camping Trips

Electrolyte Drink Powders or Tablets

Electrolyte powders and tablets are manufactured by many different brands in a plethora of flavors. ​These make for a welcomed addition to your otherwise plain water not only adding some of your favorite flavors but they come with many other benefits.

The chemicals (electrolytes) conduct electricity when mixed in with your water and help hydrate, balance blood pressure and regulate your muscle functions. Perfect for when you’re exhausted or need a boost.

Soup Powders

Soup powders are another way of flavouring your water while camping, soups as you know come in various flavours and contain many added vitamins and minerals.

Things to consider before flavouring your water

As we know nothings ever simple when camping or long distance hiking, so there are things you should consider before going ahead and flavouring your water


Some drinks have diuretic properties, drink too much and they could leave you taking a leak quite regularly thus causing you to become dehydrated.

Time of year and climate

The last thing you’re going to want to be drinking lots of is cold water if its winter and cold. This is why soups, hot beverages like coffee and tea are a more popular choice when flavouring water.


You don’t want to be drinking lots of drinks with diuretic properties if you are about to embark on some physically demanding activities. Electrolyte powders and capsules, although not cheap, are a good choice if you have a tough day ahead and will help keep you hydrated too.

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Have you learnt of any great ways to flavor water when camping?

We’d love to hear from you so be sure to leave us a comment below.

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