10 Fun Camping Activities For Adults

fun camping activities for adults

What are the best camping activities for grown-ups? There’s nothing like a bit of competition to get your blood pumping. Whether you’re looking into hosting an upcoming group outing or want some new ideas on how to connect with friends at home, there is no lack of fun options out there. There are plenty of fun camping activities for adults that don’t include any pain or suffering. Whether you’re looking to have a competition with your friends, play some word games while sharing stories around the fire pit.

Camping is a gathering of friends and family to enjoy the great outdoors. From adventurers who want more than just relaxation, people looking for an adventure every day, or someone willing to participate in all sorts of games, we have something that will suit your needs! Here are 10 camping activities so you can make it up there this summer.

fun camping activities for adults

Fun Camping Activities For Adults

Group camping might be one of the most exciting activities you do with your family this summer. New and original activity ideas can take it up a notch, like hiking or rafting! If that’s not enough to hold everyone’s attention for an entire campfire night (which we all know how hard those get), try out these other fun grown-up games too:

1.Campfire And Cooking

Campfire cooking is a sure-fire way to make memories. The smell of burning wood and propane is highlighted in my mind, but there’s also the sound as you flip over your pancakes or s’mores on an open flame. The first time I ate rabbit stew wasn’t too bad either.

Whether cooking up a storm or just enjoying some time around the campfire, a Dutch Oven will make your outdoor adventures more delicious than ever. There’s no wrong way to use this essential tool, from smores tatters to cobbler pots after dinner mints!

What’s more fun than a campfire? It provides warmth and the perfect environment for cooking burgers and veggies over an open flame. For dessert, wrap some bread dough around your favorite stick – you’ll be able to cook this suspended above a beautiful burning fire! Add sweet toppings such as strawberries or blueberries upon request (or not).

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2.Stick-tionary Game

If you want something different than just nature’s sounds for once- try Pictionary Camping Edition! Instead of drawing items from a card as ordinary people do in their everyday lives (dull!), all that matters now are sticks around camp. Get creative by using what is at hand; it could be anything really, so make sure not only does it suit whatever image pops into mind when thinking “Pikler style” but also has some detail too because those drawn little guys need somewhere good looking.

Keep track of your points as if it were a regular game by creating categories and items on pieces of paper and then recording them. Put together some camping cups so each person can drink when their drawing doesn’t match what’s being guessed at.

3.Campfire Songs

If you have a fellow camper who’s good with the guitar, bring them along for this activity. The best part of roasting marshmallows around the fire is when your buddies sound like they’re howling at the moon and singing in harmony!

It might not be as exciting, but it’ll still make everyone happy by bringing their favorite songs into play, too- even if that means American Idol contenders (or just anyone)!

4.Creek Race

The best way to experience a mini water race is by camping near small streams. This will allow you the opportunity for some great outdoor fun and gambling similar to that of going attend live horse races. Players bet a quarter and choose their racing toy. All the toys are tossed into the water, with whoever crosses first winning all bets.

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5.Partner Fire Building

There are at least four different campfires, each with a unique shape. In this challenge, you’ll need to split the group into teams and have them compete against one another for your team’s Firewood collection strategy to be successful! You can learn new camping skills while having fun competing against others- it would make an excellent opportunity if more people on board want their share from what remains after all else fails.

6.Capture The Flag

There are always many fun activities to do when you bring your whole family together for an annual camping trip. One activity that is sure not to be missed is ‘Capture the Flag.’ It’s great because it requires a large group, so save this one right around Mother’s Day or Father’s day – depending on who has been teaching kids how to play poker lately.

Does it also provide some quality bonding time between relatives who may never get enough interaction in their lives outside work hours? Plus, everyone gets excited about turning over new cards while betting.

Traditional Capture the flag is a bit dull, but try playing at night if you want to mix things up. You can also use water balloons and paintball guns, or airsoft weapons for some extra fun!

7.Make me laugh

Two teams play the game. One player from each group has to try and keep a straight face while the other tries doing everything they can think of that would make them laugh, like telling jokes or action scenes out loud (but not too loudly). This sounds like an excellent way for people who don’t usually get along at parties and campouts because no one wants their friend to laugh so hard by accident.

8.Who am I?

This is a classic game that you can play with your friends. The person in the hot seat first thinks of an old character or somebody famous. Then everyone else takes its turn to ask 20 questions about this person, but they’re only allowed yes/no answers so as not to give away too much information; if someone gets them wrong! Guess correctly, and winnings go towards charity – otherwise known by some people as “guess who?”

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9.Famous people

One of the best games to play when you’re sitting around a campfire is called “round the campfire. You can play this simple game with anyone, even people who don’t like fire! One person begins by coming up with a famous person’s first name (e.g., Michael Jackson) and so on; each player has to think as they’re told what letter starts with their last name – if you fail here, it means my turn has passed.

10.Wink murder

This game is best played while sitting in a circle. The rules are simple, but can you remember them? Everyone except for one person designated as “the leader” closes their eyes and listens to the sounds made by everyone else around them. They’ll be tapping someone on whichever shoulder they choose when it’s his turn; that individual then becomes ‘murderer.’ All players open up after being touched, so there isn’t any confusion about what was happening during playtime.

Winking is the only way to win this game, but it’s not easy. The Murderer must try and wink at you without being spotted by any other players still in-game who could eliminate them from competing for prizes.

Final Words

Camping is always fun, but you can play those games if you want to have some extra fun. I am sure these games and activities will make your camping experience more joyful. Let me know what you think about this article in the comment section.

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