How Do You Plan A Girl Scout Camping Activities Trip?

girl scouts camping activities

Girl’s trip. The best memories your girls will have are when they go camping with their troops and spend the night in a teepee or under an open sky for counselors to keep watch over them while everyone else sleeps inside, like at winter camp, where it snows all day long. So are girl scouts camping activities?

Girl Scout troops are always looking for new ways to have fun. When you join the girl’s scout, not only will they teach and inspire your child with leadership skills but also offer an array of opportunities that range from indoor camping activities like cooking over an open fire or making s’mores by the stars on clear nights outside. Outdoor adventures such as hiking through forests filled Nature hikes where we can discover plants unknown before – all while bonding even more tightly than ever.

girl scouts camping activities

Girl Scouts Camping Activities

Art Crawl

Take a simple walk around the house with a watercolor pad and permanent black ink pens to capture what you see. Stop several times for timed sketches in different places to give some great shots of this scenery.

Bring your watercolors and paintbrushes back to the campsite or cabin, where you will be able to work on some loose paintings in an effortless, flowing style. You’ll have plenty of time for this because it usually takes about three hours per page.

A great activity that is both relaxing and fun – breaking out those paints after being away from them so long can help take care of any weary feelings we might have been experiencing.

Track Footprints

Learn how to make plaster casts of animal tracks while hiking to find out what kinds of animals live in your local habitats. The process only takes a few minutes, and you can take it anywhere, making this an ideal skill for field study.

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Poetry Slam

Writing a paper is a great way to get in the mood to write poetry and read it aloud. Girls like this may enjoy doing so at an overlook by themselves or with friends nearby, but older girls usually find that they have more freedom when going on these walks since their attention span lasts longer than younger children’s.

Creating Nest

Make sure you have permission from your council before making any changes to the property. Nests can be a very eyesore and may cause damage, so first, it is best to ask.

Playing Games

The great outdoors is a perfect place to let out your wild side. Check with the council resource center for some new games and sports equipment that will give you an opportunity of playing Nerf golf, basketball, or giant Frisbee in addition to jump rope. You can also play ‘Trust Walk,’ in which blindfolded girls are led through mazes of obstructions, such as boxes or traffic pylons in open grassy areas, using only vocal commands from their unit members! It’s an effective team-building activity that builds trust between your fellow scouts (and it’s fun too).

Making Banana Craft

You can make a nice souvenir from your trip by bringing plain white bandanas and decorating them with permanent fabric markers. These are great for adding patterns, shapes, or images on the front of clothes that will last long after you come back!


Geocaching is an activity where people write hidden treasure hunt games on the internet. Find out if there are any goes around your camp by checking G.P.S.

Outdoor Services

You can help the Girl Scouts clean their property by doing things like clearing a path, painting structures, or cleaning showers. Check with your council to find out what you should do.

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Do Outdoor Meeting

Contact your local parks and recreation office on protocols for reserving a park picnic table to use as the meeting ground, or contact the school principal if Girl Scout-sponsored activities are being held near playground equipment. When business is done with this protocol, race each other over there while waiting for parents to show up.

Campfire Activities

The Girl Scout camp out is a time for girls to experience the outdoors and have fun with friends. One of their most traditional activities, fire-building at night onsite near roasting marshmallows over an open flame before bedtime under starry skies or full moonlight – it doesn’t get more romantic than this! Some ideas: build your cozy little campsite; cook s’mores by using homemade caramel sauce over hot coals, then topping them off into adorable perfectly burnt shapes that are guaranteed not bite into easily when chewy enough.

Making S’mores

With a campfire as your only cooking equipment, S’mores are sure to be an experience. Use inexpensive long metal skewers or roll-roasters (depending on what you want) and rotate them constantly so that all sides of the marshmallow get browned nicely–it’s well worth taking time for this classic dessert. It may be a good idea to limit the number of marshmallows given so they don’t waste them by burning or letting them drop into their fire.

Making Pies

The camp pie is a survival food you can make in the backcountry. It’s typically sold at sporting goods stores or found online, but you could also make one using ingredients found around your house! The key to this delicious treat are those handy little cooking spray-covered metal dishes called “pie irons.” Just put some butter on both sides of two slices of white bread and place them inside their respective pans before adding heaping tablespoons worth (or more) filling/ Nutella central recipe-wise.

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The moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here! After toasting each side of the bread, allow it cool before eating as the molten filling can burn your mouth.


Girl Scout songs are known for their simplicity and catchy melodies. They’re the perfect way to get people in a mood of reveille or make them laugh with tunes about chocolate chip cookies! Bring your songbook so you can sing these traditional favorites like “Make New Friends,” “G.I.R.L. S.C.O.U.T.,” or “On My Honor.”


The Girl Scout organization is always looking for new ways to engage girls and develop their leadership skills. What better way than having them participate in fun activities like performing skits? Try pairing up groups of 2-5 ladies together to make it even more popular! Popular choices are “What’s In The Box?” or hosting your candy shop simulation where they must work as waitresses while answering questions about what goes on behind closed doors at stores.

 Final Words

Girl Scout camping is an experience like no other, but it’s important to remember that the girls are in charge. If they don’t have a great time on their trip or get lost for whatever reason, you can’t be held responsible! You did your best by taking care of them during this adventure and making sure they made home safely after yours, too. So go ahead with excitement because there isn’t anything more satisfying than helping little ones explore nature while building memories alongside each other as friends who will last forever.

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