How To Buy Hiking Boots Size?

How to buy hiking boots size

Hiking is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy nature. But it’s important not only for the destination but also for what you’re wearing on your feet. How to buy hiking boots size? For a fact, the right pair of hiking boots can make or break an otherwise perfect adventure so take some time finding them wisely before heading out with sore muscles from walking all day long (or possibly even worse: blisters).

If this sounds confusing don’t worry we’re here to help make all those choices easier by giving helpful advice from our footwear experts about how far apart each shoe should fit when lined up directly next to its matching peer without any space remaining between either side

How to buy hiking boots size

How To Buy Hiking Boots Size?

Hiking is more than just a hobby it’s an activity that requires specific equipment. How to buy hiking boots size, well you do need the right shoe size to protect your feet, provide traction on the trail and allow for quick transitions between surfaces such as mud or snow; otherwise known as “gaiters.” But while color, style (or lack thereof), and brand name may be what first catches our eye when selecting new Hiking Boots.

There are a few things to consider when purchasing hiking boots, including size. Hiking boots should be snug but not too tight, and they should offer good support for your ankles and feet. You’ll also want to make sure that the boots are comfortable and won’t cause blisters. 

Things To Consider When Purchasing Hiking Boots

  1. Fitting

When you’re shopping for hiking boots, find the right size. I had so many people tell me they bought their shoes too big or small and paid a price for blisters. For myself, it usually means finding one of those discounted clearance items that are only half-sized off but seems fine at first glance but is not nearly tight enough when walking up hills with heavy packs on your back

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How to buy hiking boots size? One of the best ways to ensure getting the proper footwear size is by consulting our handy guide before making any purchases online (and remember you can also request a complimentary shipping label).

You can go visit a specialty store that specializes in this sort of thing, but you may just as well measure yourself with any old ruler or measuring tape before heading off into town.

Try these ideas for choosing hiking boots that really fit when it comes to dialing in the optimum fit:

  • Socks For Hiking

Thick hiking socks can assist you to determine how boots will fit in real-world hiking scenarios. 

  • Measure Your Feet Before You Go Shopping

This will help you know what size to try on.-If you are in the market for new shoes, measure your feet and buy accordingly. This way there won’t be any surprises when it comes time to exchange them.

  • You May Walk Around In Them

Ask whether the business has one of those fake rock incline ramps, or at the very least some sort of inclination, so you can get a feel for how the shoes feel on the ascent and decline. Please take your time.

  • Do You Have Any Inserts? Bring Them With You

They’re these little rubber things that come up between your toes and can alter how well shoes fit.

  1. Type Of Boot

The type of hiking you plan to do will largely determine what kind of boot is best for your needs.

  • Boots With A Mid-Rise Or High-Rise Heel
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These boots will keep your feet dry and warm, even if you are hiking in the rain forest or crossing a river on day two of trekking across an Alaskan peak. They also provide extra support for those long hikes where everything seems like it’s going uphill. These types of footwear should be used with care because they can get heavy quickly so make sure to take proper packing measures as well as check how much traction there is before setting out into unknown terrain.

  • Hiking Boots With A Low Heel

Some people prefer low-rise hiking shoes for their lighter weight and flexibility, whether you’re hiking or backpacking. Like any other type of boots, these should have an aggressive tread that can safely take you across various types of terrain including trail running sneakers which more long-distance ultralight hikers are opting for nowadays.

  • Non-Waterproof Vs. Waterproof

Waterproofing shoes can be an issue for some people. If you often hike in wet conditions or snow, it’s best to get waterproof boots so that your feet won’t be uncomfortable when hiking through streams and rainforests on a daylong excursion near Lake Huron (or elsewhere). However, if there is no chance at all of seeing water then getting greasy shoes might actually work out better since they’ll stay cleaner longer before needing another wash.

  • Shoes That Are Minimalist, Barefoot, Or Have A Zero-Drop

Minimalist, barefoot, or zero-drop shoes are all the rage right now. They offer less padding than traditional dress footwear and seek to eliminate any unnecessary features that might get in your way of feeling like you’re wearing nothing at all while also making sure it’s comfortable so don’t pick one just because it’s trendy, find what works best for you.

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When It Comes To Hiking Boots, How Crucial Is It To Get The Appropriate Fit?

The importance of finding a perfect fit cannot be overstated. It is more crucial than anything else, including brand and color selection for your hiking boots/backpack. When considering how to buy hiking boots size, remember that an ill-fitted boot can make any trip miserable if not painful. I know from personal experience how much this affects my morale during outdoor adventures as well as their longevity in general (I’ve had several pairs).

When It Comes To Hiking Boots, How Crucial Is It To Find The Appropriate Fit?

Try on your hiking boots later in the day when you have a better idea of how they feel. Your feet will be swollen and sore from walking around, so this gives an accurate representation as to whether or not these shoes fit well enough for long hikes without any pain.


Hiking is a fantastic way to get outside and enjoy nature. But finding the right pair of hiking boots can be daunting, with so many brands out there in various shapes and sizes. If you’re not sure what size will work best for your feet then things only seem harder still because every brand has its own unique styles that might require some adjustment on behalf of trying something new.

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