How To Charge Apple Watch While Camping

how to charge apple watch while camping

How to charge apple watch while camping? Have you ever been unable to capture a lovely sunset because your phone or camera died while camping and forgot to bring a backup charging solution? Been there, done that. When going camping, it is easy to forget about how you will charge your devices. At home, an outlet is never far away, and charging your phone or camera generally is not an issue.

Nature, unfortunately, does not provide conveniently positioned power outlets. Fortunately, there are numerous simple methods to extend the life of your battery and a slew of lightweight charging tools you may take with you when camping to capture those special moments! 

How To Keep Electronics Charged While Hiking And Camping

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Keep Chargers In Car 

The more charge you have when you begin a camping trip, the longer you can go without using your electrical supply. I keep extra USB cords in my car to charge my phone, camera, and headlamp.

Because most of my camping excursions are two to three hours away from home, I have plenty of time to recharge everything else. Remember to conceal any electrical cords or chargers if you are leaving your vehicle at a remote trailhead; you will be amazed what individuals will steal from a car (even in the middle of nowhere)!

Put Your Phone On Airplane Mode 

Do you not have service? On the off chance that you do not have service, turn your phone into airplane mode! When we are out of coverage on our phones, they work really hard to find a cell signal. I also appreciate being able to fully disconnect since I am aware there is no danger of a rogue text message or Instagram notification transmitting via my device.

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If my phone’s battery gets dangerously low, I will lower the screen brightness all the way down to save even more power. Do not be so sure you will remember to do either of these things. Many phones include a power-saving mode that should be activated as soon as you arrive at camp rather than waiting until your battery drains and your phone warns you to turn it on.

Harvest The Energy Of The Sun 

The majority of the time, when I choose to go camping it is because it is sunny and warm. This is an excellent opportunity to bring along a flexible folding solar panel charger. It is simple to connect your phone directly to it and charge it using the sun, but I would suggest connecting it to a power bank instead since you are probably like me and using your phone for photographs.

This is especially fantastic if you have a base camp. Set the solar panel in a sunny location and your power bank will charge while you explore, swim in a river, or take an afternoon nap! Then you may use your power bank to charge whatever your heart desires rather than only charging one object.

Protect Your Devices From Extreme Temperatures. 

Have you ever noticed that your phone runs out of battery faster in the cold? After 15 minutes of walking around at 16 degrees Fahrenheit, my phone went from 50% charged to 9% charged. Batteries work best when kept between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, so extreme heat or cold will drain them more quickly.

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How To Charge Apple Watch While Camping

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how to charge apple watch while camping

Most of these processes are familiar to you, so let’s go through them quickly. Turn off your phone’s wireless function (airport mode). Reduce the brightness on your screen. Take fewer photographs and videos. On, low-power mode is switched on. Keep your device close to a source of heat or sunlight while charging it. The lightweight battery pack or portable solar charger? Power cables?

In Power Reserve Mode, you may swipe up from the bottom to reveal a battery percentage indicator, then press and hold the Battery % button. This will save a significant amount of battery but only allows users to check the current time. All other Apple Watch features are disabled in this mode, making it more of a last resort.

A solar panel on its own is a useful tool for keeping your technology charged while traveling, but combining it with a portable USB battery pack allows you to build a comprehensive energy system. This method allows you to store the power generated by the solar panel and use it at another time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to charge your Apple watch on the move?

The ChiHope Magnetic Portable Wireless iWatch Charger is a great purchase at a low price. This affordable portable charger charges any Apple Watch in just two hours. You do not need a cable because it connects to any USB port.

Is the Apple watch good for camping?

The Apple Watch is not built to be a backcountry instrument, although it is waterproof and quite sturdy. That said, I used it for a few months without incident. Hiking is an uncommon sport that you do on occasion. The Apple Watch is only really useful if you have an iPhone and use the Apple ecosystem.

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Is the Apple Watch a GPS watch?

The Apple Watch Series 2 has built-in GPS, so you may leave your iPhone at home or in your gym locker while working out. All essential data will be recorded by the watch. Outdoor walking is one of the tracked workouts using GPS.

How can I charge my Apple Watch without a power cord?

Unfortunately, the newest Apple Watch versions can only be charged using a magnetic charger. As a result, you will not be able to charge your Apple Watch right now unless you have a magnetic charger. The Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock is the two options.

How much battery does the Apple Watch use overnight?

To sum it up, Apple advises that the Series 6, Series SE,  Series 4, Series 5, and Series 3 should get at least 17 hours of battery life after charging it overnight. However, in our extensive testing, we have discovered that the Apple Watch Series 6 and SE can last approximately 36 hours on a single charge.

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