How To Get Internet While Camping?

how to get internet while camping

Many of us rely on the internet to stay in touch with family and friends, but while you’re out in the woods, you may want to know how to get internet while camping. Internet access while camping may be useful for a variety of reasons, and fortunately, there are many options available. While camping, you won’t have to be cut off from the rest of the world.

how to get internet while camping

Camping Wi-Fi: How to Connect

With a variety of options for getting online during your camping experience, you may choose the ideal one for you and your vacation. Here is a short overview of each way, as well as some advice for when to utilize it:

Special Internet USB

Wi-Fi may be provided through special internet USBs that link to a 3G network. If you go too far from the campground, you may not be able to get service, although this is rare.

WiFi Hotspot

The “Wi-Fi hotspot” feature on most smartphones makes it possible to connect to the internet through the phone’s network. There is a chance that your USBs may fail, but most popular campgrounds are likely to offer WiFi.

WiFi Extender

A Wi-Fi extender is a device that connects to a modem and boosts and expands the range of your existing Wi-Fi network. This can be a good camping gadget, however, you can only use this technique if you have access to a nearby modem.

Portable WiFi Router

In comparison to USB sticks and mobile phones, portable Wi-Fi routers provide a more stable connection. Again, they must be inside the network’s service area to function.

RVs Or Cars

Wi-Fi is available in many RVs and cars, either pre-installed or upgraded at a later date. Typically, the vehicle has to be running to function.

Campground WiFi

You won’t have to be concerned about network connectivity if you choose a campsite with free Wi-Fi. These are ideal for those who don’t want to “rough it” as much as they could.

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Satellite WiFi

It is ideal to use satellite Wi-Fi since it doesn’t depend on any other network. However, it is expensive and only suitable for those who are serious about their Wi-Fi experience when camping.

Coffee Shop

A free Wi-Fi connection may be found in a neighborhood coffee shop or library, too. For those who are willing to leave their campsites to get Wi-Fi, this strategy will work.

how to get internet while camping

Purchasing An Internet USB And Having Wi-Fi While Camping

Any electronics retailer can sell you a USB stick that you can use to connect to the internet. To provide you with Wi-Fi, it subsequently connects with the local network and operates on the 3G service. It’s a reasonably inexpensive choice, often costing between $25 and $50.

Internet USBs come in a variety of price ranges, as follows:

  • Purchase a pre-paid USB flash drive that provides you with just restricted internet access.
  • Consider signing up for an unlimited data plan with a mobile phone service provider.

As a mobile phone user, you’ll recognize the resemblance here. You don’t have to worry about getting locked into a contract with a prepaid USB. Prepaid USBs are also less expensive to purchase upfront than contract plans. Contracts, on the other hand, tend to have lower long-term costs and greater service quality.

A network’s coverage area is usually shown on a map. Whether or if it covers your regular campsites will be a major deciding factor. There is no use to buy it for your campground if it doesn’t operate there.

Prepaid Internet USB Vs. Contracted Internet USB

When you first begin looking into USBs, you may feel a little overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices and possibilities. If you want a prepaid account or a contract, that should be your first and foremost priority. Are there advantages and disadvantages to each?

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  • There is a minimum quantity of internet that must be purchased.
  • If you run out, you’ll have to go online or to a shop to reload it.
  • Depending on how much internet you use, you’ll only pay for what you use.
  • Rural places may have limited or no internet access.


  • The vast majority of businesses provide customers with an internet data plan that includes an unlimited amount of data.
  • There is no need to worry about running out of data.
  • No of whether or not you use the USB, you’ll pay a monthly fee.
  • Most places are covered by mobile service providers on a near-constant basis.

If you use the USB regularly, signing a contract may save you money in the long run while also improving your coverage. However, for the occasional camper, recharging a prepaid USB will be more cost-effective.

how to get internet while camping

The Internet USB Setup Guide

The specifics of how to configure your USB may vary, however the typical setup for internet USBs is:

  1. Plugin the laptop or tablet you want to use. Whether you wish to use a USB with a tablet, check with your service provider to determine if your USB is compatible. There are still a few tablets that don’t support it.
  2. The plug and port must be thoroughly cleaned before inserting the USB.
  3. The USB should start looking for a local network as soon as you plug it in.
  4. It will let you know when it has identified a reliable connection.

Changing positions or unplugging and re-plugging the USB might help if your USB won’t connect. Occasionally, it’s just a faulty USB-to-computer or USB-to-network connection. The network connection may be improved if you move a few feet away from your current position.

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Setting Up Cellphone Hotspot Or Tether

Even when we go camping, we seldom leave home without our mobile phones. Wherever there is mobile coverage and your phone is nearby, you may access the internet. A Wi-Fi hotspot, or “tether,” is built into almost every smartphone, and it works much as a USB port does.

Mobile internet use consumes a lot of data and might be draining your device’s battery life. If you use your phone as a hotspot, your service provider may charge you in addition to your regular monthly fee. Hot spot costs may rapidly add up to a hefty internet bill if you aren’t attentive.

Open the hotspot, and you’ll instantly notice the drain on your phone’s battery. You may need to keep your phone hooked to a battery pack or outlet depending on how many devices you have connected. It could help to put it in “low battery mode.”

If you’re going to go camping, be sure you can get a signal before you depend on your phone as a means of accessing the internet. To keep your hot spot connected, you need at least a 3G connection. Otherwise, your Wi-Fi will go down. You may also try moving a few feet to obtain a stronger signal, much as with an internet USB.

Final Thoughts

You may connect to the internet while camping in a variety of ways, from your smartphone to a high-tech satellite router. Keep in mind your specific camping requirements at all times. Investing in a satellite router is unnecessary if you just go camping once or twice a year.

For those who often camp, a satellite router may be a worthwhile investment. Regardless of how you plan to camp, have a wonderful time.

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