How To Make A Camping Trip Romantic

how to make a camping trip romantic

How to make a camping trip romantic? Do you and your spouse want to plan a romantic camping trip but do not know where to start? You have arrived at the correct spot.

We as outdoor enthusiasts understand how romantic it is to spend some time in the great outdoors with your spouse. Creating a wonderful outdoor getaway, on the other hand, may be difficult because there are so many elements that must be considered. We are delighted to assist you.

In this article, we will give you some of our best suggestions for organizing a couple’s camping trip. From making a delectable 3-course dinner to gazing at the stars after a busy day of fun, here are some fantastic romantic camping activities to try on your next excursion.

Find A Secluded Campsite

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how to make a camping trip romantic

When it comes to planning a romantic camping trip, there is one thing you should avoid overlooking: the significance of selecting a remote campsite. While it may appear to be easier to camp in one of the Yosemite National Park’s large campgrounds, having a family with young children outside your tent will destroy the ambiance of your romantic getaway.

Now, do not get us wrong – we adore children. However, they are not the most ideal when it comes to spending quality time together. So, while planning your vacation, seek a more remote campsite. This might be at a lesser campground in Joshua Tree National Park or at a backcountry site along the Appalachian Trail.

Make Sparks With A Campfire

There is no quicker method to learn about someone than around a campfire. If you live in an area where fires are permitted, build a fire pit in your backyard or hire someone to do it for you. If not, check your local parks, beaches, and other outdoor locations. During the off-season, many public parks and even campsites will allow using fire pits for an evening campfire.

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Make a relaxing date by bringing blankets, camping chairs, warm beverages like tea or cocoa, and of course s’mores ingredients!

Create A Romantic Ambiance

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how to make a camping trip romantic

Once you have found the ideal secluded campsite, it is time to convert your camping location into a romantic getaway. This begins with making sure your tent is as comfy as possible. As a result, we recommend purchasing a large group tent or a glamping tent for your trip.

Consider adding romantic stuff to your tent, such as string lights, to help set the mood after you have erected it. Soft blankets and cushions may also go a long way in creating the perfect outdoor retreat.

Picnic At The Peak

Take your date out on a lovely walk if the trails in your location are ready to go outside. Choose an easy stroll that you and your spouse can do after work to unwind and spend quality time together outdoors. Fill your rucksack with charcuterie items, or go for a picnic bag instead.

Make sure you bring an extra layer to lie on as well as a camping blanket to sit on when sitting down for a picnic because it will maximize your comfort. Do not forget a bottle opener or corkscrew if you intend to bring a drink!

If you are up for bringing a full-fledged charcuterie set up, go ahead. However, if you simply want to bring a few items, here are some suggestions that might save you time and lighten your load. Replace prosciutto with another cured meat or better yet jerky, purchase olives in a bag rather than in a jar, cheese is simple but if you do not want to carry a knife, consider packing moon cheese snacks.

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Go Stargazing

When the sun sets, stargazing is always a favorite pastime for camping couples.

If you are visiting an International Dark Sky Place like Death Valley National Park, such as the Badwater Basin area, you might be able to do most of your stargazing from your campsite. Otherwise, it may be worth going for a walk or driving to a more isolated location in a park to ensure that you can see the night sky.

It is not advised to go stargazing without a few essential items, however, there are certain things you should not do without. As a result, bring your sleeping pads and summer sleeping bags with you to keep yourself warm during the night. If it is really cold outside, don’t forget to carry some heated gloves to help you stay warm.

Catch The Sunset

Never get weary of watching the sun go down, especially when you are unable to do so on a regular basis. Make a promise with your coworkers to leave early and bring a snack and maybe a drink if it is chilly outside (hot toddies are ideal for winter!)

Pack A Double Sleeping Bag

A summer sleeping bag is a must-have on any camping supplies list. However, being separated from your spouse in a different sleeping bag is not particularly romantic. Fortunately, there is a solution to this age-old problem which is a double sleeping bag. You and your partner can sleep well in the great outdoors together with the proper double sleeping bag.

A twin sleeping bag, on the other hand, will not provide enough warmth for two people if you use a single air mattress or cot. If you want to utilize a double sleeping bag, we recommend investing in a twin-size air mattress. That is because using two separate sleeping pads beneath a double sleeping bag produces gaps throughout the night. So opting for a double-size air mattress or cot may assist keep you warm throughout the night.

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Relax At A Hot Spring

There are over 1,000 hot springs in the United States, so there is a good chance one is near you, especially if you live on the west side of the country. Make your next date an adventure by going to a soaking location to hang out, relax, and enjoy some warm geothermal heated water.

Hot springs are a fantastic date location, especially when they are located in mountain ranges or deep woods. Keep in mind that although many hot springs are free, this also means that they are first-come, first-served; so your date may turn into a 20-person hangout if you do not check the specifics ahead of time. A reserved hot spring is a great way to enjoy something more intimate.

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