How To Repair Camping Air Mattress

how to repair camping air mattress

How to repair camping air mattress? The greatest thing about an inflatable camping mattress is that it’s meant to be airtight. If something prevents the mattress from being airtight, we have a problem in Houston.

We get a lot of calls about apparent leaks, especially with air mattresses. A mattress that appears to have lost pressure during the night is rarely a leak. If it is not completely flat, but not as full as you inflated it before going to sleep, the problem frequently lies in the decline of air pressure due to your mattress cooling. 

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how to repair camping air mattress

The majority of people inflate their mattresses by mouth. When you breathe in cold air, it cools down to the ambient temperature while losing pressure, so you will have to put a few more breaths into your mattress. This is also why we recommend deflating your mattress somewhat before leaving it in your tent for the day. A full mattress can burst under increased pressure if it heats up sufficiently inside a hot tent all day.

It is time to grab your patch kit if you find yourself pressed up against the cold, hard ground while sleeping on your once-cushy sleeping pad. Most repairs are straightforward, fortunately.

The Steps For Patching A Hole In An Inflatable Sleeping Pad

  1. Gather your repair supplies: Cleaner, the patch or tape, plus an adhesive.
  2. Find the leak: Some are easy; tiny holes must be cleaned with soap and water, as well as a search for little bubbles.
  3. Clean and dry the patch area: Alcohol-based cleaner is quick and easy.
  4. Apply the patch and wait: Allow for the adhesive to fully dry.

How To Patch A Camping Air Mattress

The Seam Grip, WP Repair Kit makes it simple to mend a punctured air mattress or sleeping pad. Using the kit, sleeping pads and leaking air mattresses may be repaired. A ¼ oz. tube of Seam Grip repair adhesive, an application brush, Tape repair patches, and a repair guide are all included in each package.

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You won’t need to utilize all of the items in the kit on a daily basis, though. For example, you’ll only require Seam Grip repair adhesive for home improvements or repairs to blow-up beds and larger air mattresses. Seam Grip is permanent, flexible, and waterproof. It has a lifespan that typically outlasts the material it’s being applied to. Typically, you would use the Tenacious Tape repair patches only for a field repair, and they would be used together with the Seam Grip WP adhesive.

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Air Mattress Repair

Finding the leak is probably the most time-consuming aspect of repairing a leaking air mattress or sleeping pad. It can be filled using Aquaseal, a waterproof adhesive that hardens to form a flexible, long-lasting seal. It is a multipurpose repair glue that may permanently mend inflatable beds for camping, travel, and at-home use.

How To Repair Your Sleeping Pad At Home

If you are at home, our Permanent Home Repair Kit can assist you with patching the puncture. It may necessitate sitting overnight on some models of the mattress, but since you are at home, this should not be an issue. Check your pad and any other gear a few days prior to heading into the woods.

How To Repair Your Sleeping Pad In The Field

If you get a puncture while camping, make sure you have a Field Repair Kit with you. All of our NeoAir pads come with a field repair kit, which easily slides into the included stuff bag. The Field Repair Kit is meant to provide a rapid, no-cure solution for any mattress, even though either of our repair kits would operate.

Sleeping Pad Repair

When you are in the backcountry or outdoors and don’t have access to a heated shop, 8-12 hours may be too long to wait for the glue to dry. That is why we have included two Tenacious Tape Repair Patches (clear and black nylon) with the Aquaseal FD Repair Kit. Follow the same procedures outlined above, along with the additional actions below, if you want to fix an air mattress or sleeping mat faster using Tenacious Tape.

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  • Use soapy water to find the leak, deflate the sleeping pad, and clean the repair site with isopropyl alcohol as you did for the Air Mattress Repair instructions.
  • Apply a small amount of Aquaseal FD to the leak, extending at least 0.5″ in all directions around the hole. After 20-30 minutes, wait for the Aquaseal FD to become tacky before continuing.
  • Over the drying adhesive, apply the Tenacious Tape Repair Patch. Make sure the patch adheres firmly sleeping pad fabric and to the dry air mattress and extends at least 0.5”, more than double the width of your repair piece.
  • Place the repair patch over the air mattress firmly. Your sleeping pad is now ready to use.
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Send Your Sleeping Pad To The Pros To Repair

If everything else fails, or if the harm to your mattress is considerably more than you want to deal with, consider shipping it to us for repair. We’ll repair or replace your mattress as we see fit if the problem is covered by our Limited Lifetime Warranty. Defects in materials or manufacturing are the most common causes of these issues, which are typically limited to valve or seam failure. We can repair punctures/tears in the mattress if we discover them, however, they are usually wear-and-tear situations.

We charge a fixed price of $20 to repair a mattress. This repair cost covers up to 10 punctures at any one time—if we find more than 10 punctures in a mattress (that sounds crazy but some folks live where cactus are present, or maybe someone forgot to take their golf shoes off before entering their tent), then the mattress is considered worn out and has reached the end of its service life.

Another thing we would like to address is cleaning your mattress. The longevity of your mattress is largely determined by how clean it stays. Body oils, bug dope, and suntan lotion can all contribute to the deterioration of the laminates that join the external fabrics to the internal mechanisms in self-inflating models or internal baffles in our NeoAir® versions. Using a sheet on the mattress and washing it regularly (both the sheet and the mat) will help you get the most out of your investment.

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