How to Shower When Camping

how to shower when camping

Everyone knows that showers aren’t exactly part of the experience of camping. But that doesn’t mean you can’t stay clean while roughing it! An easy way to stay clean and feel fresh when camping is by taking showers instead of baths. Luckily, there’s a simple way to shower while camping, no matter where you are.

This article shows tips on how to shower when camping.

How to shower when camping

how to shower when camping

Here are some step-by-step tips on how to shower while camping.

1. Find a large bucket, like a five-gallon bucket. You’ll also need to find a large plastic bag to place the bucket inside. This will be your makeshift shower enclosure.

2. Fill your large bucket with warm water and soap. If you have any extra shampoo or conditioner, this is the perfect time to use it!

3. Place the plastic bag over the top of the bucket, cover it entirely, and then zip it shut at the top. This will keep all of the water inside the plastic bag and ensure that water spills out onto your campsite or tent floor!

4. Place your showerhead on top of your makeshift shower enclosure, and then turn on the water! Make sure that you don’t have it on too high of a pressure setting, as this could cause water to leak through to where you’re standing under it and get you wet!

5. Take your sponge or loofah and scrub away those dirt stains! Rinse out all of the soap when you’re finished scrubbing yourself clean with soap suds!

6. Turn off all water sources once you finish rinsing off, especially in a campground where water is scarce!

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7. Hang your plastic bag up to dry so it doesn’t get any mildew.

8. Fold up your bucket and store it away in a corner or under your bed.

Best Tips to Stay Clean While Camping

how to shower when camping

It’s easy to stay clean while camping, as long as you follow these simple tips!

1. Don’t go camping during the summer months. You’ll be stuck with no way to shower or bathe in a nearby lake or stream. The easiest way to stay clean while camping is by staying away from the hot and humid summer months!

2. Bring extra toilet paper and hand sanitizer on your trip. This will make it easier for you to stay clean without taking a full shower every day!

3. Use baby wipes instead of traditional toilet paper if you need it! Baby wipes are great for cleaning yourself up after using the restroom, and they’re small enough that they don’t take up any room in your backpack or camping supplies!

4. Bring a few hair ties, bobby pins, and hair clips in your backpack. You never know when you’ll need to put your hair up out of your face!

5. Brush your teeth early in the morning before getting ready for the day! You’ll want to brush them again at night before you go to sleep for the night, too!

6. Bring hand sanitizer with you on all of your camping trips! This will help fight germs lingering around from other people who have been camping before you or wherever else they were before they came onto your campsite.

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7. Take a baby wipe bath if necessary! If there’s no water source nearby, take a baby wipe bath instead of worrying about being dirty or smelly until you can find some water to clean yourself off later. Baby wipes are great for washing away sweat and grime, too!

Importance of showering when camping

how to shower when camping

Showering is an essential part of staying clean while camping! If you don’t shower, you won’t be able to stay as clean as you would have if you had taken a shower.

Why is Showering While Camping Important?

  • Showering helps keep your skin from getting too oily and grimy! Your skin gets oily when it’s not being washed off every day. You may want to bring some baby powder with you on your camping trip so that your skin doesn’t get too oily and gross.
  • Showers help maintain good hygiene while camping! You can use the time in the morning to brush your teeth, wash your face and hair, and even shave if necessary if there’s hot water available!
  • Showers can be an excellent way to wash off all the dirt accumulated on your body throughout the day! If you don’t shower at least once during the day, all of that dirt will stick around until bedtime, making it hard to get a good night’s sleep without feeling dirty or uncomfortable.
  • Showering helps keep bugs away from you! Bugs like to hang out around dirty people, so if you shower regularly while camping, you’ll be less likely to attract bugs while enjoying your time in nature.
  • Showers help keep your skin soft and healthy! If you don’t shower while camping, your skin will start to get dry and flaky from the sun exposure and the lack of water on your skin.
  • Showering helps keep your hair clean! If you don’t wash your hair every day while camping, it will start to get oily and gross, making it hard to stand the way it smells when it gets too dirty.
  • Showers help keep sweat at bay! Sweat can make it hard for people with sensitive skin to sleep well at night if they can’t clean themselves off before going to bed for the night after sweating all day long during their camping trip.
  • Showers can help you feel more comfortable in your skin! If you shower regularly while camping, you won’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable or dirty all day long.
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What time should I shower while camping?

It’s essential to shower early in the morning before heading out on a hike or swimming. If you wait too long to wash up before going swimming or hiking, you might have more dirt on your body than when you started!


There are many ways to stay clean while camping and one of the best ways are by taking showers instead of baths. Showers are much easier to take while camping because there aren’t any fixtures, and you don’t have to worry about water splashing everywhere.

Plus, showers are much more private than baths. Showers are also a great way to stay clean while camping because they help you stay focused on the experience before you jump in the bath.

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