How to Use a Snorkel?

How to Use a Snorkel?

How Do You Properly Use a Snorkel?

Snorkeling is a popular outdoor activity, however, it can be dangerous if done improperly. The most common injury associated with snorkeling is water getting into your breathing tube, which causes you to take the “snorkel pipe” out of your mouth in order to clear it. When this happens, however, you are unable to breathe through your snorkel again until the tube is cleared. If you do not pay attention to breathing procedure while snorkeling, you could find yourself in some dire situations.

Instructions for How to Use a Snorkel:

Instructions on how to use a snorkel are subtle but important steps that must be followed in order to prevent any accidents and keep yourself safe.

Checking the Straps of the Mask

When you first put on your mask, you want the snorkel to be parallel with the ground and pointing towards your mouth. Check all straps of the mask to make sure they are not too tight or loose before starting your snorkeling adventure. After checking for a comfortable fitting mask, you should inhale through your nose to make sure there is no water in the mask.

Exhaling Small Amount of Air

Next, you want to blow out small amounts of air until some water comes out of the breathing hole of your mask. A few more tries with exhaling small amounts of air will get any extra water out. While doing this procedure, it is important that you do not take the snorkel pipe out of your mouth. If there is no water in your mask, then you can put the snorkel back into your mouth without any problems and proceed to breathe through it normally.

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Practice Breathing with Snorkel Before Going into the Water

It is important to practice breathing with your snorkel before actually getting into the water simply because every person is different. The basic concept is that you exhale gently through your nose instead of your mouth to prevent water from entering the breathing tube.

Do Not Inhale Large Amount of Air

It is important to note that you should not try to inhale large amounts of air at any one time, as this could cause saltwater to enter your lungs. If this does happen, however, you can expel the water from your lungs by exhaling forcibly. In the event that you are still having problems breathing, it is important to alert a lifeguard for additional assistance.

The Gap of Snorkel Should Never be More Than 1-Inch from Your Mouth

The snorkel pipe should never be more than one inch from your mouth at any time. If it comes out of your mouth during a dive or swim, you should attempt to put it back without taking your mouth off the water. If you take your mouth out of the water, then saltwater can rush in, which could cause an injury or drowning.

Always remember that snorkeling is supposed to be a fun activity and all precautions should be taken when doing this sport. The most important instruction on how to use a snorkel is keeping calm and staying safe!

A Step by Step Guide – How to Use a Snorkel:

1. Before you even think about using your snorkel, you should know how to fit your mask.  A well-fitting mask is crucial for a comfortable snorkeling experience, so follow these steps to find out how to use a snorkel properly by making sure your mask fits nice and snug.

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2.  Check for any tears or cracks in the rubber of the mask before putting it on. If there are any tears or cracks, don’t use the mask because it will not provide you with a good seal.

3.  After finding a mask that fits properly and is in good condition, hold the mask in one hand and place your other hand on top of it. Slowly pull down on the top of the mask till it forms a seal against your face.

4.  Now that you’ve got a nice seal, use the strap to tighten it and make sure your mask is securely in place and won’t slip off when you’re out snorkeling.

How To Check For A Good Fit Before You Enter The Water

If you want to do snorkeling properly, then you need to know how to use a snorkel. First off, it is important to check for a proper fit before getting into the water.

1.   The first thing you want to do is make sure your mask fits properly. If it doesn’t, find another one that does fit well.

2.   Put your mask on and hold it securely with one hand.  With the other, gently pull down on the bottom part of the snorkel to ensure that there is a snug seal between both parts of your equipment.

3.   To test if your mask fits well, put it on without strapping or tightening the strap. Next, dunk your head into the water and check for any leaks or problems before entering the water.

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How To Prepare Your Snorkel For Use

 The best way to learn how to use a snorkel is by preparing it for usage.  Here are some quick steps you can follow so that everything goes smoothly when you hit the water.

1.   Before using your snorkel, make sure to check for any cracks or tears in the breathing tube by looking through it and running your fingers over it carefully.  If you find anything wrong with it, don’t use it because this could cause serious problems while underwater.

2.   If everything looks okay, you should put the snorkel to your mouth and blow gently through it.  This will remove any leftover water or debris that may have gotten inside the tube.

3.   Once everything is good to go, you’re ready for snorkeling! Remember to follow all safety precautions when using your equipment and stay alert at all times for your safety.


Do you know how to use a snorkel properly? If not, then hopefully these tips will help you out. Remember to check for a good fit before going into the water and always be safe when using any kind of snorkeling equipment. Moreover, you should continue to educate yourself about safety procedures so that you can keep having fun when snorkeling.

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