How To Use Snorkel Mask Underwater?

how to use snorkel mask underwater?

This article will provide you with information on how to use snorkel mask underwater, the materials necessary, and other useful information. Read this article to learn more.

Snorkels are instruments used by scuba divers and swimmers for drawing air from above water while they submerge in water within a tube. A snorkel is made of a long flexible tube with one end connected to a mouthpiece and the other end is typically fitted with a piece that sits across the bridge of the user’s nose. A semi-dry snorkel has a special valve that allows air into the tube when submerged then it closes when surfacing, preventing water from entering.

A snorkel can also be referred to as a ‘snorkel tube’ or ‘snorkeling tube’.

How to Use Snorkel Mask Underwater?

1) Preparation

  • Snorkels are mostly used in shallow waters and with mild waves where the water-covered tube is lifted to allow air for breathing through the mouthpiece, but it works differently when used by swimmers in deep waters. In this case, you can breathe normally through your nose while using the snorkel.
  • Ensure that you have no loose hair or accessories that could easily come off during snorkeling.
  • Put on your wet suit, sunglasses, and fins to keep you warm in cold waters.

2) Wear the mask properly

  • The mask is designed to provide a watertight seal on the face and has one or two lenses which you should make sure are free from scratches.
  • For fixing it properly on your face, ensure that the top strap of the mask sits above your forehead while resting against your head allowing for room for goggles (if you use them) and comfort for goggles or a diving mask.
  • When you put the snorkel tube in your mouth, make sure that the open end of it is up. It should rest lightly against your teeth to prevent it from falling out.
  • Ensure that you have equal pressure on both sides of the mask and it is not too tight.
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3) Keep the bottom end of the tube out of water

Breathe through your mouth if snorkeling on the surface of water or across mild waves. Be sure to keep the bottom end of the tube out of the water as you perform these two tasks.

4) Use a Full breath

Use a full breath (do not hold your breath) as you dive below the surface. Make sure that you know how to equalize the pressure in your mask as you go deeper into the water because it may affect your mask and cause it to leak or become fogged up.

5) Breathe normally

  • Breathe as if you were doing so on land as often as possible while snorkeling for safety and comfort.
  • To breathe, lift your head slightly forward and draw air through your mouth. Do not use the snorkel so much that you feel exhausted or have to hold your breath underwater for very long.

6) Practice Breathing with a snorkel

Practice breathing with a snorkel before scuba diving using the same technique as when underwater.

7) Surface every 15-20 Minutes for air

Remember that you need to surface every 15-20 minutes for air.

8) Practice More if you are a beginner

  • If you are a beginner, use fins and go on short snorkeling trips first before diving deep into the ocean. Be sure to take along a buddy who has more experience than you do.
  • Ensure that your face is dry and free from any oil or other substances that might prevent the mask from sitting correctly on your face.
  • When putting on the snorkel, avoid twisting it while you push it firmly onto your head. If this does not work, try readingjusting the strap slightly higher to ensure a good fit.
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Materials Needed to Make Snorkel Mask

Different materials are used in the making of snorkel masks. The following materials can be used:

Foam- This material is useful when making a custom-fit snorkel mask.

Plastic- This material is ideal for snorkel masks that are used in saltwater.

Silicone- This material is commonly used in the making of snorkeling devices because it helps to create a seal on the face of users. It can also be custom-fit to suit any type of face.

Snorkel Mask Uses

Many people use snorkel masks during underwater activities such as surfing, scuba diving, and free-diving. For surfers, snorkel masks help them to take a breath of fresh air while underwater hiding from waves that are not very friendly. Scuba divers also use this device for breathing purposes when they are underwater. Freedivers use this device to swim with long breaths.

How To Make A Custom Fit Snorkel Mask?

Many snorkeling masks are available in the market, but some people prefer making one on their own by using custom-fit materials such as plastic, foam, or silicone. The following are some useful guidelines that can help you to make a custom fit snorkel mask:

Custom Fit Plastic-

To make a custom fit snorkel mask, you need to follow the below mentioned steps:

You will require PVC pipes and plastic. Cut two identical pieces of PVC pipes and attach them with the help of glue or tape. Be sure that there is enough space between the two pieces of PVC pipes to fit your face.

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Custom Fit Foam-

To make a custom-fit snorkel mask, you will need plastic or styrofoam plates, the glue that is heat activated, a foam rubber sheet, and scissors. Shape the styrofoam into a round shape and then cut another smaller circle out of it. Attach the smaller circle to the top of the bigger one by gluing them together. Shape your face on the foam rubber sheet with the help of a marker and cut out this shape. Glue the mask based on your face shape.


Snorkeling is a fun activity; however, it is important to ensure your safety when doing this. Snorkel masks are available in many shapes and sizes, but if you want to make your own custom-fit snorkel mask at home, the above-mentioned guidelines can help you.

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