What Is Kite Fishing?

kite fishing

Are you wondering what kite fishing is? You are not alone! This type of fishing has grown increasingly popular over the years. If kite fishing intrigues you, keep reading to find out more about it!

kite fishing

Kite fishing is a great way to catch a wide range of fish. It lets anglers show baits in different ways. There can be a lot of clips on the line of a kite, just like there can be a lot of outrigger clips. Anglers will be able to show different baits at different distances from the boat if they use multiple release clips. It is very important to be able to offer bait at different distances so that you can figure out where the fish are most likely to be feeding in the water.

Fish can be caught with a kite. They use fishing rods to attach their kites and then cast them into the water. Their kite is made so that it can hold the weight of the bait that is attached to its end. Before leaving the rods out for a while, the fisherman waits for the fish to bite.

Kite fishing has become more popular because it is so easy to use. Kite fishing rods are cheap and can be set up almost anywhere. It’s a simple game, which makes it a good thing to do with your friends.

Kite fishing is also a great way to learn how to do kitesurfing, which is done by attaching kites to kitesurfing boards or kite surfing boards.

Why Kite Fishing?

Pacific Islanders have used this method of feeding their families for a long time. Sport anglers have come to see and appreciate the value of this method.

Take a look at why kite fishing is so popular and successful.

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A few inches above the surface of the water, the leader of your kite is hidden by the bait, making it hard for fish to see it. Following a hook through the back, the baitfish stands up and moves around like it normally would. If you make splashes and swim, it will look natural and appealing to a hungry fish.

This method is better than trolling or any other method. It will catch more fish on its own. This has happened a lot at major tournaments before.

A boat fisherman can also get to great fishing spots that his boat can’t get to without getting damaged. Baitfish are often found in shallow reefs and rock piles. So, fish that go after other fish find them very appealing.

They are very appealing to fishermen because they are predatory, but they avoid them because they are very dangerous. Fly a fishing kite above these hard-to-fish places at a height of more than 100 feet. Nobody should be afraid that their boat will sink or that their fishing line will get caught in it.

Kite Fishing Gear


Each year, someone comes up with a new kite that is, of course, the most up-to-date. Despite all of these new things, square and delta kites are still the most popular. Each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, but they all work together in a good way.

Square kites are by far the most popular and often the cheapest. It is simple to launch and fly well, but these kits tend to twist. If you want to fix this, you can add a tail. Most people don’t do this.

If you have to choose a more modern style, you might want to think about a parachute kite, like this one. These are made to carry long lines and bait in strong winds. When there isn’t a lot of wind, these kites can be very useful. They are more expensive than other types of kites, though.

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It is possible to buy parachute kites in a range of sizes. Kites of different sizes are used depending on the wind direction. The smallest is used when there is the most wind. A medium kite is a good all-around choice, but you’ll eventually want all three.

Even if you buy a kite in a different style, size, or brand, it must be high-quality. It’s better to make your kite out of ripstop nylon if you want it to last for years. Also, think about graphite spars, because they are much lighter. In case they break, get a few spares.

Kites aren’t the only thing some people use. They also use a skyhook, which is a small kite-like device attached to a kite below. These give a lot of lift and are often used with delta kites for shore fishing.

Kite Clips

This is the main point where a kite fishing rig can go wrong. It is very important to get a clip that will hold your line in place until a hit is made. In addition, the clip should come off cleanly and be able to be adjusted for how much force is needed to get it off. It’s possible to find a company that makes these and gives them a try.

Line Markers

Ribbon or bobber-style markers can be used to show where your lines are on the paper. The most popular style is the bobber, which seems to work well for most bikers. There are a lot of different styles and sizes to choose from; just pick the one that fits you best.

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In order to cast more than one line on each kite, you should buy a variety of colors. This will allow you to code the lines for the reels. You don’t want to be tempted to reach for the wrong fishing rod when a big sailfish bites!

Kite Fishing Reels

Kite fishing reels are made by a few companies, but most of the time, they’re a waste of time and money. In this case, any reel that can handle the weight of the kite’s load will do. It doesn’t matter if you have a high gear ratio or not, but it sure helps!

Kite line systems come in a lot of different shapes and sizes, not just reels on a rod. It’s always possible to get one if you think it will help you after a little time has passed.

Kite fishing can be done with electric reels if there are a lot of different types of kites. They are used a lot in multi-line setups, and they’re great for quickly reeling in lines that you don’t need anymore. Make sure that it has enough power to bring the kite in.

Kite Fishing Rods

Kite rods are surprisingly hard to find. Many companies make special rods for this, and most of them aren’t very expensive. To start with, if all else fails, use the lower part of any takedown rod that you can find.

Final thoughts

As much as kite fishing sounds like something you would only see in a video game, it’s very much real. With kites, kite rods, kite reels, and kite lines, you can feel like the luckiest fisherman on earth! This activity will be a great bonding experience for you and your family. Let this be the start of a kite fishing tradition in your family!

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