How To Plan A Successful Camping With Friends

camping with friends

Backpacking is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, but if you’ve never tried it before, planning and preparing for your first trip can be a challenge.

Planning and preparation can even be daunting if you will be camping with friends. Fortunately, there are several things that you can do to ensure that both you and your friends have a great time on your camping trip.

Everyone should be committed for camping with friends

Make sure that everyone is committed to going on the camping trip. It can be frustrating if last minute issues arise and people bail out of a camping trip at the last minute. That being said, don’t make this a requirement or a prerequisite for attending either. You or one of your friends may have a schedule conflict that week, resulting in the need to cancel.

Decide the location and duration of your adventure

Determine where you will be going and how long you plan on staying. While this is usually determined by your location, it’s best to make sure everyone agrees with where you want to go and about how long you want to stay.

Talk about sleeping arrangements

While camping with friends, will you be sleeping in a tent or pitching a large canopy for shade and privacy? Sleeping bags, air mattresses, or cots? Whether you or your friends are wild, crazy sleepers should also be taken into consideration when making these arrangements. And don’t forget to think about who will bring the tent and other equipment.

Divide the chores

Who will be doing the cooking chores while camping with friends? Who will bring what food or beverages? Everyone likes choices, so don’t plan on one person doing all of the cooking and another group just eating what’s available. If you’re camping near a large town with an abundance of restaurant choices, consider having the chef picking a place to eat out one night, and the others going grocery shopping for what they want to cook or grill that night.

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Discuss how to clean water

If you will be camping near a body of water, have a discussion about how your group plans on keeping it clean and safe from contamination. Whether you plan on using a filtration system, purifying tablets, or boiling it, make sure that everyone is on the same page. Also, assure yourself of how you plan to dispose of any gray water by having containers for this purpose – nothing kills a party mood like foul-smelling clothing or gear.

Plan some activities to enjoy while camping

What about the activities that you will be doing while camping with friends? Consider what your group might want to do during the day, as well as at night. Will you be setting up a campfire? If so, have a discussion about proper fire safety and if anyone is uncomfortable with this, ensure that there is either no fire or that you will be camping in an area where it is allowed.

Have an open dialogue with everyone

Communication can save everyone some stress, especially if you have friends who might be a little on the wild side. Having an open dialogue with everyone about expectations can eliminate any problems that might arise later, while also strengthening friendships.

don’t forget to have some fun!

Also, don’t forget to have some fun! Camping with friends is supposed to be a fun way of getting away from it all and enjoying some time in nature with your friends. Leave the stress at home and allow yourself to soak up the sun, fresh air, and good times in the great outdoors!

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Consider spending some time getting back to nature with close friends. Most people agree that camping is a wonderful way to relieve stress and enjoy life in general, but few actually take the steps necessary to plan an enjoyable trip. Don’t let this happen to you and your friends, but instead keep reading for some helpful tips that will help make sure your camping trip is the best it can be!

What belongings are necessary for taking with you?

Some useful belongings that you must take with you while camping with friends are as follows:

Backpack, tents & sleeping bags

Backpacks, tents, and sleeping bags are a few of the items that many people take with them on a camping trip. However, you should also consider bringing along tarps or plastic sheeting for shelter from rain or wind.

Bug spray, insect repellant candles, citronella torches

Bug spray is an absolute must if your camping trip will be near any type of marsh, swamp, or water area. Also, bring along insect repellant candles and citronella torches in case you need to do some hurricane or bug-free dining al fresco.

First aid kit

Don’t forget protection for your group in the form of a first aid kit and any prescriptions, such as allergy medicine or inhalers, that might be needed while camping. Bring along anything else you might need for health purposes as well, such as sunscreen and bug lotion.

Also, consider the following:

a Portable generator

A portable generator can run fans or other electric appliances if it gets too hot at night. Just be careful not to set up your tent underneath a light because, although they’re cool-looking, those lights can get very hot and might cause a fire hazard.

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bring plenty of provisions

If you’re planning on doing some kayaking or canoeing, be sure to bring along plenty of provisions for this. You don’t want to get stuck out in the wilderness with no water or food!

have a backup plan in case of raining

Make sure that one person is responsible for finding shelter if it starts raining and you need to move your campsite. Have a backup plan in place, because it’s never fun to be stuck outside in the dark with no protection from the elements!

a cell phone

A cell phone (turned off or with the battery removed) can help if you need to call for emergency help or directions back home, but don’t rely on it completely since it might not work in some areas.

a Map or GPS of the planned area

You should also bring a map or GPS of the area, as this can help immensely if you lose your way. Don’t be caught off-guard by getting lost on your trip!


Camping with friends is always a great way to spend some quality time, but it can fall apart very quickly if you don’t take the proper precautions beforehand. With this article as your guide, you’ll be able to plan a successful camping trip for all of you to remember!

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