How To Select The Perfect Push Pole For Your Boat

If you prefer fishing from a boat, you are going to quickly learn that, sometimes, your vessel can become a hindrance. In quieter spots, your boat motor is going to scare off the fish, resulting in a pretty sad haul at the end of the day. In times like this, you need to find the best push pole for boat.

While the design – and the purpose – of a push pole may seem pretty simple, there is a little bit more to it than meets the eye.

Below are some easy to follow steps to help you choose the best push boats;

How To Select Push Pole For Boats

The Material

One of the first decisions that you are going to need to make about your push pole is the material. Now, these poses have come a long way since the early designs and now, there are more materials being used than ever before. Of course, not each of them offers up the same results but here are the ones that you can select from:

Graphite Push Pole For Boats

One of the more popular options used to be graphite. This is because poles made from this material were lightweight and stiff. As a result, when using it, anglers actually use up a lot more energy than they would normally do. So, propelling a boat forward with such a pole is a breeze.

However, these poles have fallen out of favor quite a bit. Despite its excellent performance, they can also be rather brittle. Therefore, even a little bit of force can end up snapping the poles. Considering the high price of graphite push poles, this isn’t always an optimal purchase for many anglers.

Fiberglass Push Pole For Boats

Fiberglass poles are rather popular among beginner anglers and it isn’t difficult to see why. These push poles are durable and they also don’t cost nearly as much as some of the other materials. Therefore, people who don’t head out onto the water too often tend to stock these.

There is a downside to fiberglass push poles, though, and they do tend to be quite a bit heavier. This means that these poles are going to be quite tiring to use. Not to mention, they will become rather difficult to use if you want to go poling for a longer period of time.

Carbon Fiber Push Pole For Boats

Carbon fiber, as with graphite push poles, is chosen for their lightweight nature. They also tend to be rather stiff as well. Unlike graphite, however, carbon fiber push poles are quite strong and durable. As a result, they are much less likely to break.

The reason that they aren’t used more often is due to the price. Some carbon fiber push poles can be incredibly expensive and can cost more than $1000. As you can imagine, there aren’t too many anglers out there who will be willing to pay such an amount.

Aluminum Push Pole For Boats

The final material is aluminum. In the beginning, many anglers opted for these push poles since they were cheap, strong, and relatively lightweight. Unfortunately, aluminum can also oxidize relatively quickly and so, is unsuitable for most marine environments. This means that you will probably have to go looking for a new push pole after a couple of seasons.

The Stiffness

Two terms that you will hear being thrown about when push poles are being thrown about are “stiffness” and “flexibility”. However, what isn’t always as clear-cut is just feature you should be looking out for. So, is a stiffer or a more flexible push pole better?

Well, the answer to this question would be: it depends. In many cases, the appropriate stiffness of the pole will depend on the angler. Now, if you are a seasoned angler and are used to poling, then a stiffer push pole is best. This is because these kinds of poles are able to return the kind of energy that you put into them. Therefore, it will be a lot easier to move your boat along.

At the same time, stiffer poles aren’t all that forgiving. So, if you are newer to poling, then a little bit of flex with your pole may be required. See, with these poles you can make small adjustments to the position of your pole without actually having to pull it out of the water. Thanks to this, you will be less likely to scare the fish that are around.

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The Dimensions

Another thing to consider before purchasing a push pole is the dimensions. Here, you will need to look at the height as well as the diameter before making a selection.


Most of the push poles are between 14 and 24 feet in length. Now, the reason for such a great variation is because the length is often correlated to the situation and function. Of course, most seasoned anglers would argue that there is no such thing as a push pole that is too long. So, if you have a little bit of experience and want the best results, then a slightly longer pole will be best.

Understand, the advantage of a longer pole is that it doesn’t have to be brought out of the water as much. Rather, the greater length allows you to reposition the push pole under the water. Thus, you don’t have to worry about scaring the fish.

If you are going to be poling from the deck of your boat rather than your platform, though, you may want a shorter pole. In these conditions, some anglers prefer a pole that is between 14 feet and 16 feet long.


Then there is the diameter of the push pole – this is something that even the most experienced of anglers can overlook when choosing a push pole. However, it can be a rather important feature, if you want to use your push pole more efficiently.

Now, the diameter that you should select will depend on the size of your hands. Women and anglers with smaller hands should choose an appropriately small diameter so that they can get an easier grip. On the other hand, if you have larger hands, make sure that the pole isn’t too thin. If it is, you will end up tiring out rather easily due to an ineffective transfer of power.

Points and Feet

You will have noticed that each side of the push pole is different. There is the point – which is also known as the oyster tip and the foot. The point is often used when you have to pole over harder surfaces like rocks while the foot is used when you are over surfaces like mud.

Oyster Tip Styles

When it comes to the oyster tip styles, you typically have two to select from. You have the option of either using the cone-shaped tip or a more U-shaped tip. While the cone-shaped tip is multi-functional, the U-shaped tip is most often relied upon when the bottom is incredibly hard and smooth. It is typically used as an alternative to the foot.


With the feet, there are also two styles to choose from: Y-shaped and delta-shaped. As the name suggests, the Y-shaped has two prongs while the delta is a triangular shaped foot. The design that you select will often depend on the kind of marine environment that you most often find yourself in.

If you are going to be poling over harder surfaces, then the delta-shaped foot will be more useful. If you are going through mud and need a better grip, then the prongs of the Y-shaped foot will come in handy. Of course, there are many anglers who to prefer to have both options on hand.

Best Push Poles for Your Boat

Here are the top push poles on the market right now:

SuperStick Telescopic Pushpole

Push Pole Telescopic 9-17
  • Ultralight Super strong patented push pole with telescopic design allows the push pole to extend and...
  • Non-slip textured 1. 25 inch outer pole with permanent spike tip (inner and outer poles Do not come...
  • Removable duck foot with Lure/decoy retriever allows either Super Stick push pole to transform into...
  • Universal gig attachment included- conical and industrial threaded. Also includes spike tip end...
  • Durable fiberglass construction

This is perhaps one of the better choices on the market for a push pole for a boat. Here, you to get select between the 6 – 12 foot range and the 9 – 17 feet. Therefore, it should work well for most shallow areas. The telescopic design on the push pole makes it quite easy to change the length. Once you have selected your preferred height, it will easily snap into place, not budging until you want to adjust it again. It should be noted that this push pole is made of aluminum. As such, it works best for fresh water environments, if you want the pole to last longer.

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The webbed, duck foot shape of this push pole makes it most suitable for environments with tougher bottoms. So, with this in hand, you will be able to move around rock beds and similar hard ground. Now, the good news is that this push pole does come with a universal gig attachment and boasts both conical and industrial threaded features. Therefore, it should easily fit with anything that you might already have. Another nice feature on this pole is that the grip is textured and non-slip, allowing you to get a good hold on it at all times.

Dotline Push N Glide Pole

The minor issue with this push pole is that it doesn’t come with any attachments. So, it is most suitable for anglers that are looking to replace an existing pole. If this is the case, then you will be pleased to know that this pole has been designed to fit with a number of attachments. So, you will be able to snap on either a push pole paddle, duck web feet, or a decoy retriever. The attachment process is simple enough and once it is secure, there’s no need to worry about it slipping off. If you are looking for a multi-purpose push pole, then this would be it.

This is a good pole for shallower waters. It boasts a telescopic design, allowing you to change the length from 6.5 to 11 feet, without any issue at all. Due to the stainless steel spring buttons, you don’t have to be concerned about how often you change the length either. The octagonal shape of the tubing ensures that you will be able to get and maintain a good grip on your pole at all times.

If color is important to you, then you will be interested to know that this pole is available in marsh green, ensuring that it will blend well in most marine environments.

Carlisle Push Pole

Carlisle Push Pole Composite 2Pc (10 ft),
  • Breaks down into 2 pieces
  • Composite shaft
  • Designed to work in all conditions

Made from composite material, this is a push pole that is suitable for all kinds of environments. So, whether you prefer to wish in fresh or salt water, it doesn’t matter since this pole will hold up well. Between the custom wide foot and the pointed end, you will find that you can use this pole for all types of marine bottoms. The durability of these allows you to safely tap them against even the hardest of substances, without feeling like you are going to break them.

The only real concern here is the fact that this push pole can be split into two separate parts. Now, if you are planning on traveling, then this feature will be useful to you. However, it can also compromise its strength a little. As such, it may be a little unnerving to put too much pressure on this pole when you are out there on the water. Due to this feature, the push pole is also not adjustable. It stands at ten feet, allowing you to fish in shallower waters. This push pole is especially well-suited to novices, though. It is incredibly light weight, making it easy to carry and maneuver on the edge of a boat.

Avery Hunting Gear Trac-Loc Push Pole

Avery Trac-Loc Push Pole
  • Crafted from the highest quality material
  • Perfect for outdoor and even indoor use
  • Made in China

This is yet another push pole that doesn’t come with any additions. However, it does fit with a variety of different attachments, allowing you to use it for all kinds of fishing activities. This is an especially good option if you tend to fish around various environments and want to be able to switch out the attachments quickly. It should be noted, though, that this push pole is made from aluminum. As such, it is most useful for fresh water fishing. While it can be used in salt water environments as well, there is no guarantee with how long that it will last you.

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The maximum length of this push pole is 10 feet. What’s really interesting about it, though, is that this pole is very easy to adjust. In fact, you can even do it in the dark, instinctively and still get it right! This makes it a good option for new anglers who are still getting the hang of a push pole. The diameter of the push pole is perfect to get a good grip at several points along the tubing. Another perk is that the drab olive color ensures that it isn’t easily detected by fish, even in bright sunlight.

Yakattack Parknpole Push Pole

YakAttack ParkNPole Link 8 Foot, 2 Piece Stakeout /...
  • Two-piece version of the popular 8' ParkNPole
  • Makes transportation easy to and from the water or makes it possible to store inside the hull of...
  • Helps when anchoring in deeper water
  • Made from specially formed fiberglass and UV stabilized
  • Weights only 1.8 lbs, yet is extremely durable

Technically, this push pole is meant for a kayak. This is why it is a bit shorter at eight feet. Still, as long as you will be in relatively shallow water, this pole should work just fine. It is also appropriate for anglers who are on the smaller side and may not be able to maneuver a full-sized push pole all that well. If you do want a longer option, the company does sell extension pieces for deeper waters. What’s really great about this push pole, though, is the durability factor.

The fiberglass is quite strong and it is also UV-stabilized to prevent deterioration. Not to mention, the feet have been perfectly designed for the hardest surfaces. So, whether you are pushing past rocks, crushed coral, or anything else, you know that this push pole will be able to hold up. While this is a two-piece construction, the two parts do fit together incredibly securely. Thus, you can put your full weight on this push pole, without worrying about it snapping. What is also a nice bonus is the weight. While fiberglass poles are typically found to be rather heavy, this push pole is the exception. It actually weighs in at less than two pounds.

Vibe Kayaks Pole

Vibe Kayaks Anchor Pole 7 Foot 3-Piece Fiberglass...
  • T handle offers a comfortable grip while anchoring and can also be used as a push pole
  • Includes 2 quick release carabiners
  • Includes all necessary hardware
  • Works for anchoring of any kayak, canoe or even small boat up to 16 feet long
  • Comes in 3 separate pieces for compact storage when not in use

There are two main things that you should be aware of with this pole. The first is that it has been designed for kayaks. The other is that it is meant to be an anchor pole. However, it can also be used as a push pole too! In fact, if your boat is less than 16 feet long, you can use it for anchoring purposes as well. However, since it is around 7 feet, this pole is best used for very shallow areas, although it does function well for beginners too.

The tough, pointed end of the pole functions well for smoother surfaces where you need to get a better grip. Now, while this kayak pole is made from fiberglass, it is not as heavy as you would imagine. This makes it a lot easier to use the pole to glide through the water, without startling the fish. The pole can be divided up into three smaller parts. So, if you are someone that needs to travel to get to their favorite fishing spot, this is a feature that will come in handy. At the same time, the pieces do fit together rather securely to ensure that the fit is perfect.

Each of these push poles is quite good at what it is supposed to do. Still, if there was going to be a favorite, it would be down to the SuperStick or Carlisle push pole. The SuperStick is great if you are going to be fishing in fresh water while the Carlisle is better suited to a saltwater environment. Apart from this, though, both poles are sturdy, durable, and don’t require a lot of strength or effort to use.

As you can see, there are quite a few variables to consider when selecting a push pole for a boat. However, with the guidelines mentioned above – and the suggestions – you should have a clearer idea of what to look for, depending on your requirements and preferences.

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