Is It Warmer To Sleep Naked In A Sleeping Bag?

No, it’s not warmer sleeping naked in a sleeping bag opposed to wearing the correct clothing and following the laws of science to add insulation and warmth.

With that being said there are many variables that can increase or decrease the warmth in your sleeping bag.

First we need to understand the science and working behind a sleeping bag and how they keep you warm.

A good sleeping bag will be well insulated, this in turn will act as a barrier for the heat your body releases and trap it inside with you.

Your metabolism produces body heat and as such acts as a heating system within the sleeping bag, the insulation of the sleeping bag prevents it from leaving.

When wearing clothes you in fact add another layer of insulation between you, the sleeping bag insulation and the cold air. You create another barrier. However, other factors come into play and can change things.

Let’s take a closer look at what may also decrease your body heat and the warmth in a sleeping bag.

  • Tight fitting clothing – In some cases if the clothing, underwear and socks that you are wearing are too tight and are reducing blood circulation this could in turn make you feel colder.
  • Wet Clothes – As previously mentioned your body’s metabolism acts as a heating system, so if you’re wearing wet clothes your body will dry them. The moisture from the drying process can’t leave it and will become trapped in your sleeping bag.
  • Too Many Layers – Yes that’s right, wearing too many clothes can drastically reduce the effectiveness of the sleeping bag. This is because you compress the insulation and in turn decrease the space for the warm air your bag can trap.
  • Sweat – Much like wet clothes moisture becomes trapped and will reduce the effectiveness of your sleeping bag.
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How to maximise the warmth in your sleeping bag

So how do you ensure that the warmth within your sleeping bag is kept at the optimal temperature? Well here’s 5 things you can do to ensure you stay warm and cosy.

Tips To Stay Warm In Your Sleeping Bag

  1. Reduce Sweat – If you start to sweat then unzip your sleeping bag until you start to feel cooler and stop sweating. This will help avoid moisture gathering inside the bag and decreasing the sleeping bags insulation effectiveness.
  2. Wear a loose fitting base layer – When I say layer I mean the whole caboodle covered head to toe, socks, hat, long underwear or bottoms and a top. The loose fitting clothes wont trap any blood circulation to your extremeities and will assist in trapping the warmer air close to your skin.
  3. Don’t overfill your sleeping bag – Giving yourself room to move around in your sleeping bag and not overfilling it your avoiding the baffles of a sleeping bag pushing hot air outwards and letting it flow freely.
  4. Increase your metabolism – As your metabolism slows your body stops creating as much heat a good tip if you wake up hungry and cold through the night is to eat something sugary or fatty (nuts, chocolate, sweets) this will kick your metabolism in again and start creating more heat.
  5. Keep dry morning clothes in your sleeping bag – Place your morning clothes at the bottom of your sleeping bag for when you wake up this will allow them to warm up ready for when you put them on in the morning. (keep a spare set in a waterproof bag just in case)
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Staying warm while camping becomes a skill you will acquire over time, you’ll start to learn how to stay at an optimal temperature the more you camp. The science of it is to allow the heat to move freely and evenly inside the sleeping bag.

So no sleeping naked inside a sleeping bag is not warmer but its not as simple as just wearing clothes.

Do you have any other good tips on staying warm inside your sleeping bag? Be sure to leave us a comment in the comments section below.

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