The 8 Best Offline Map Apps for Hiking

map apps for hiking

Avoid the stress of getting lost and making a wrong turn. Here are the best Map Apps for Hiking to download for your next trip. Stay safe!


Losing the trail is not impossible. It can happen to new hikers or even professional ones. According to SmokyMountains’ research, 41% of the people who get lost wander off the trail. Whether it’s intentional or unplanned, detours are unsafe. Taking a wrong turn comes with many dangers, from roaming wild animals to accident prone areas.


So, before rushing to your next trip, why don’t you study your trail first? It’s important that you know and understand how GPS works. But, if you don’t have the resources, there’s a cheaper alternative. Use the GPS on your smartphone! 



Here are the most common benefits why you have to download the best map apps for hiking for phone:


Benefits of Map Apps for Hiking

  • Save you from low connectivity areas.

What’s the use of a map app if you can’t make it work without an internet connection? It is better to download offline map apps to save you from low connectivity areas.

  • Save your phone’s battery.

Everybody knows this. If a map app is working offline, it saves your phone from consuming more battery life. In this way, you can use your phone for other activities like taking memorable photos of your trip.

  • Save you from danger zones.

There are map apps that allow users to see if they are near a danger prone area. This feature is helpful for people who want to know in advance the trail they are about to face.

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Now, here’s the most important part. We’ve done our research and these are the best offline map apps to download for Android and iOS!


  • Polaris GPS

Polaris GPS is a free offline navigation app that you can use even without signing up for an account. The most common usage for this app is for waypoint navigation. You can also search and find nearby trails using its hiking GPS feature.




Navmii is a free community-based navigation app best used for the road. It’s a turn-by-turn voice-guided map app that gives live traffic updates. You can use Navmii to find the nearest parking spots, gas stations, and tourist attractions. It’s ideal when planning a big weekend getaway with your family!






Like any other apps on this list, you can also use MAPS.ME offline. What sets it apart from others are its ready-made travel guides. The contributors of OpenStreetMap, an open-source map service, provide accurate directions and trails.





  • All-In-One Offline Maps

All-In-One Offline Maps’s main feature is its multiple types of maps that you can layer on top of each other with adjustable opacity. So, let’s say you want to see classical roads with topographic map settings, you can do both using this app! You can also download unlimited maps that you can access offline.



  • MapFactor

MapFactor is a free offline map app with postcodes installed on your device. Choose from its 2D or 3D mode for a more realistic visual map display. There’s also a day and night mode feature depending on your preference. If you purchase its premium account, you can access its alternative routes and head-up display. Like MAPS.ME, MapFactor is also powered by OpenStreetMap contributors.

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  • AllTrails

AllTrails is a must-have app for hikers, bikers, and campers! The winning point of this app is its 300,000+ hiking trails and mountain bike routes that you can choose from. Aside from downloading and viewing maps offline, you can also record your outdoor adventure here. AllTrails can also send a notification to your phone to let you know that you’re  going off the route.




  • KoMoot

KoMoot is also a free community-based app that lets you download maps for viewing offline. Its turn-by-turn GPS voice navigation feature is convenient for biking or driving. You can also differentiate trails and off-road tracks using its map. You can also share tips, pictures, and experiences with other members in the community.





  • Google Maps

Of course, we won’t forget to add Google Maps! This is pre-installed to Android devices but iOS users need to download from iTunes before they can use it. You can save an area using Google Maps although the downside here is that the offline feature is not accessible to all countries or regions because of contractual limitations and language support.





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These were the best map apps for hiking and are just a precaution to whatever may happen when you’re outside in nature. It’s not an assurance that you will never get lost but it could lessen the chance of you getting off the trail. Still, the best advice here is to be prepared. Good luck and stay safe!

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