What To Bring Camping With A 1 Year Old?

what to bring camping with a 1 year old

What to bring camping with a 1 year old? Are you considering taking your toddler to the campground with you? Or does this prospect make you grimace? It is possible to go camping with your children. I am not guaranteeing it will be simple, but by following a plan, keeping it simple, having a few critical toddler camping gear items, and taking it slowly, I am sure everyone can have a great (or somewhat very) experience!

How To Know You Are Ready To Go Camping With The Toddler?

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This is determined by the family’s circumstances. Were you a committed outdoorsman before your children, or were you more of a camper who did not mind doing it once in a while? Maybe you have never gone camping or the last time you slept in a tent was when you were sleeping in a leaky canvas tent in the community hall’s backyard?

Choosing an average night’s rest at home will make your child feel comfortable when you take him to the campground.

Top 10 Essentials For Camping With The Baby

Baby Carrier

Using a stroller is not appropriate for walking along river banks, down cobbled streets, or through markets — a carrier is much easier and more pleasant. We utilize the BabyBjӧrn We because you may carry your baby on your front or back depending on what you are doing, how far you are going, and how tired you are.

Decent Barbecue

Although my husband prefers to cook over an open fire when I am feeding a child, convenience and pragmatism win. We have a Series Compact Barbecue that is simple to use, portable, and really small. It is strong enough to quickly and stress-free prepare breakfast/ lunch or supper. I also utilize it to boil baby food/ milk in pint pans.

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Small, Portable Travel Cot

We own the LittleLife Arc Travel Cot, the one of which is a fantastic baby tent pop-up. You can fold it back into a backpack and take it to the pool/river/beach during the day because it has sunshade afternoon naps. It also has an anti-mosquito mesh. This was our first baby camping trip’s savior!

Paddling Pool With Shade

This bright-colored canopy provides a safe, shaded space for your child to play in. It is also a great way to keep them occupied around the tent, at the beach, or by the river knowing they are secure and out of the sun. On hot days, fill it with water or balls; on colder days, fill it with water or balls.

A Reliable Cooler

For bottle-feeding, having a strong cooler is important in keeping milk fresh and cool. We have a 50QT Xtreme Wheeled TriColour Cooler that can stay ice for 5 days and may be used as a table or seat since it is big enough to double up as one.


If you have electricity, this is an excellent, lazy dessert to enjoy while camping. No one wants to get out of bed at the crack of dawn in order to boil a pan of water half-naked, half-asleep to prepare their infant’s morning milk. Making that first feed much easier is as simple as filling a kettle!

Baby Floor Seat

A fantastic substitute for a high chair when camping. Baby floor seats are small enough to fit in your car and make for a fun way to interact with your baby while on the go. You may feed your child easily whilst sitting on a picnic blanket with them.

Seat Harness

When you go camping, there is a good chance that your child will outgrow his or her highchair before long. Because of this, these alternatives are ideal. We employ a Chair Harness Gro Bag, which folds up into a tiny pouch and may be carried in the side pocket of your rucksack/bike basket to use on chairs at any restaurant, café, or picnic spot.

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Wicker Basket Full Of Toys

You will underestimate the time to pitch your tent, empty the automobile, and set up your new living quarters. To keep your child entertained and occupied, you will need a variety of toys on hand that you can switch out on a regular basis.

Travel Sleeping Bag

The travel cot is ideal for holidays since you may carry a sleeping baby from the vehicle into their crib, which is great after a lengthy motorway journey. They may be used in a pushchair or in the back of a car seat because of the two-way zip opening.

Tips For Camping With Kid

Do A ‘Camping With The Baby’ Trial Run

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what to bring camping with a 1 year old

If you do not have a back garden, pitch your tent in the backyard and spend the night outside. It is an excellent way to test out your vacation before it starts and figure out camping gear for babies. You could even need a baby-friendly tent.

The best thing is that, if you forget something while out in your garden, you can come back into the house and get it, but you will know you will need it if you are camping properly. A test run will also assist with any things you do not currently own but will require to buy.

Check The Weather Forecast

It is a given, but before you go camping, checking the weather forecast might make all the difference between a successful trip and one that is cold and wet. Although the weather in the UK is notoriously changeable, even if it is still winter there should be some indication from the weather forecast as to whether or not you can expect rain showers or blue skies. When you have a better idea of the forecast, you can prepare accordingly. However, it is always a good idea to pack some waterproof and thermal clothing just in case things go south rapidly!

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Make Time To Do Nothing

While camping with a baby may be a fantastic, unforgettable adventure for the whole family. There is no doubt that it might be stressful at times. While it is vital to do lots of fun things and explore the area around you, it is just as crucial to set aside some time for doing nothing. Whether you are napping, unwinding, or merely reading, taking some time off will provide you with a lot more energy for the remainder of your trip. 

Pack Plenty Of Nappy Sacks, Nappies, And Wipes

When you have finished using nappies, they weigh nothing, so bring a large quantity. Nappy sacks are also useful for disposing of used nappies quickly. Wipes will be required in excess because you will use them for more than just changing time. They are convenient to have on hand when feeding time rolls around. Make certain to include all of the necessities with our comprehensive camping packing list.

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