What To Wear On A Hiking First Date?

what to wear on a hiking first date

What to wear on a hiking first date? Not all trails are created equal, and the clothing you wear will ultimately be determined by the trail’s difficulty, length, and weather on the day of your trek. The greater difficult and long a trek is, the more diversified your hiking date outfit will be. In this post, I will go through a few different options, but it is always preferable to be over-prepared rather than under-prepared for your date. 

One thing to keep in mind: there is a lot of hiking equipment on the market, but I do not want you to feel compelled to buy everything. The pointers and links included in this post are intended to assist you and ensure that you enter the woods well-equipped. We all start somewhere, no matter how much or little hiking equipment you have. Keep in mind that with what you currently have, you may accomplish a lot.

The Clothing You Should Wear On A Hiking First Date

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Check The Weather: Check the weather and dress accordingly on the days before your trip, as well as at the trailhead.

Dress In Layers: The temperature will fluctuate throughout the day if you live in a region with a significant change. One also wants to be able to remove and add clothing layers depending on these temperatures and your body’s temperature changes due to physical activity.

Remember Bug Spray: At different seasons of the year, you will need to apply bug spray to avoid insect stings and the potentially deadly illnesses that some of these can cause, such as the Zika virus or Lyme disease. I understand that your wardrobe may be more important to you at this time, but bug spray is equally crucial. You do not want to ruin your hiking trip by looking like you have Chickenpox or needing a tick check from your date.

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Wear Sun Protection: Sun protection is often associated with lotion, but certain apparel also has UV-blocking properties. Consider using sunscreen and clothing that has built-in UV protection to keep your skin from sun damage.

What Shoes Should You Wear On The Hiking Date?

four person on mountain during daytime
what to wear on a hiking first date

To begin, if you or your companion are new to hiking, opt for a lower-level path with fewer inclines. On a trek, gasping for air is ineffective since you can not talk. You want to learn more about your date so that you may converse while gasping for air. There are numerous easy pathways that will take you to breathtaking vistas… Waterfall treks might be an excellent option.

Discuss the trek with your companion. The difficulty level, terrain, elevation, and condition of the trail will all affect what you wear and carry on a hiking date… Is it muddy since it is rained recently? Will trekking poles be useful for stability and to protect your knees on uneven ground?


A functional hiking skirt should combine practicality, comfort, and style. Consider whether the skirt has pockets for storing tiny items such as hair ties and lip balms since this will affect its usefulness.


The ideal pair of pants for you would have several features, such as protection, breathability, and insulation, along with looking fantastic. Cotton pants should be avoided since they take the longest time to dry if you get damp.

Instead, look for pants constructed of merino wool or polyester. If you are going on a trek in the cold, merino wool is a fantastic insulator, and polyester is excellent for ventilation and drying fast.

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Leggings are a wonderful look while trekking and are also useful since they allow for unlimited movement and will keep your legs warm. They are also extremely comfy and light, so you can not go wrong with them for a nice walk.

Hiking with leggings with pockets is practical. Leggings are fashionable because they come in a variety of colors. Darker leggings, on the other hand, will hide any splashes if you will be hiking in slushy terrain.


One of the most essential things to consider when hiking, particularly on a date! – Is whether what you are wearing will make you uncomfortable. A plaid shirt may appear attractive and fit the conventional hiking appearance, but you will soon become damp in the heat. Thankfully, there are many choices that not only look good but will also keep you cool.


Hiking boots for women are generally narrower and go down to lower sizes than hiking boots for groups. The more lightweight your boots are, the better. A boot with a high cut over the ankle will provide support against twists and falls. Look for shoes that include Gore-Tex waterproof technology and a good grip.

Hiking Gear For Hiking Dates

Hiking dates frequently demand more than simply hiking attire. For safety and comfort, you will need hiking essentials.

  • A hydration backpack with a lot of water. These backpacks have enough capacity to hold your gear while also allowing you to avoid having to carry a bottle yourself. You will appreciate being able to use your hands-free, especially if you are utilizing trekking poles.
  • You will need a first-aid kit if you are hiking with someone else.
  • A romantic picnic dinner with a foldable table and chairs.
  • Layers of clothing may be readily stored in your hydration pack.
  • Sun protection
  • Bug protection
  • In an emergency, you should have a phone on you.
  • A map of the route is required. You do not want to get lost.
  • A compass is included in case you become lost. Before your trip, learn how to use it.
  • Download GPS software on your smartphone or invest in a Garmin GPS gadget.
  • Portable power banks are useful for when your phone runs out of juice.
  • A headlamp for when the day darkens before you finish your trek.
  • The Trekking Pole is a fantastic tool for balance and stability. Especially on uneven ground.
  • Multi-tools are useful in both emergency situations and for everyday maintenance.
  • A garbage bag to contain your trash or if you’re feeling good about giving back to the community.
  • A poncho is convenient to have on hand in case of unseasonal rain.
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If you follow these guidelines, you should have a wonderful and safe experience with your spouse, as well as memories that will last a lifetime.

Choose an outfit that is appropriate for the weather conditions and carry extra supplies in case something goes wrong. Also, make sure your rucksack has survival gear inside.

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